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Small businesses around the world use HiveDesk

Monitor remote employees, save money and be productive.

From the founder’s desk

Around 2010, I was looking for a tool that would help me stay on top of my team’s work. My team was distributed across multiple locations in the US and India. At the time, the tools I could find were either full-fledged project management software or simple to-do lists. So, I decided to start HiveDesk to help entrepreneurs get visibility into their teams’ work.

Our mission

At HiveDesk, our goal is to help small and medium professional services businesses become more productive.

We build HiveDesk to help you:

  • Build a more productive remote team
  • Manage your remote employees more effectively
  • Avoid overpayment to remote employees
  • Build trust with your clients and remote employees

HiveDesk is for you if:

  • Run or work for a professional services firm such as marketing agency, software development or outsourcing company
  • Have clients you need to invoice
  • Have remote employees you need to pay

We launched HiveDesk in 2011 to address the growing need for a tool to monitor remote employee productivity. Over the years, we have stayed focused on our primary goal – to help businesses track time correctly and improve productivity. We said no to adding bells and whistles that took us away from this goal or added unwanted complexity.

We have tried to keep the user interface simple and intuitive while making it more useful. HiveDesk was the first time tracking software that allowed users to schedule automatic reports. The reports are emailed to designated users in PDF and Excel formats automatically, saving time for everyone.

Since that small first step, we have come a long way, thanks to our loyal customers. Today we have customers and users on all six continents and have tracked millions of hours on behalf of our customers. Each month, we help our customers save thousands of dollars in overpay and increased productivity. Many of our customers use HiveDesk to prepare accurate invoices for their clients.

Automatic time tracking for remote employees with screenshots

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