Meadows Resources uses HiveDesk to scale a one-stop-shop for back office services

Meadow Resources

About Meadows Resources

Meadows Resources is a virtual staffing firm that provides small and mid-size companies a one-stop-shop for back office work. Using a virtual format, Meadows recruits, hires and places remote workers with small to mid-size companies across the globe. Their back office services include:

  • Web and IT
  • Marketing
  • Writing and editing
  • Human resources
  • Bookkeeping
  • Virtual administration

Traditionally, many businesses would only hire internal employees or work with a range of different consultants to meet these needs. At the same time, many companies face a lack of domain expertise to manage these functions, budget limitations or a lack of local talent. Meadows provides all the talent, managed in one place, and streamlines back office operations for companies. It’s no surprise that customers quickly saw value.

The challenge: Managing growth and a remote team

Lindsey Meadows, the owner of Meadows Resources, started the business in 2010 with a small group of clients focusing in administrative and HR projects. Her ten years’ experience in HR and recruiting, in combination with a market-wide trend of expanding remote employment, helped her grow from a virtual independent contractor to a full back office virtual team. But as she grew her business, she needed a solution to help her manage her growing enterprise. She needed a tool that would:

  • Track virtual employee time spent on projects
  • Provide clients accurate, reliable data
  • Help log team members’ work
  • Provide reliable up-time
  • And be a value-added part of her business

That’s where HiveDesk comes in.

HiveDesk helps Meadows manage remote team

HiveDesk is a single software that manages a whole workforce. The software tool played a crucial role in helping Meadows Resources provide their clients a one-stop-shop for back office functions. The small companies they serve have been able to avoid the hassle of dealing with different institutions and contractors. Using HiveDesk, Meadows can easily track their workforce productivity and provide reports to their clients. HiveDesk takes clear screenshots to prove productivity, helps Meadows track time spent in each project and provides Meadows better insights than long and extensive reports otherwise would. As a result, Meadows can more easily provide their clients fair pricing and assign just the right people to each client project.

In other words, HiveDesk has been an integral part of Meadows’ growth.

Don’t take our word for it — Hear from our client

“As far as HiveDesk, we have used every timekeeping system under the sun, and they all fall short in some area that we need, but overall HiveDesk has met our needs. Specifically in the reporting area. Their PDF screen shot reports are clean and easy to use and understand. Our clients prefer them over the complicated reports of other systems. It also has a great price point and instant flexibility, as the size of our team changes frequently. We have little-to-no downtime or issues once we get our resources set up. The support is great, and I am able to speak directly to someone who can help me when I need help.”
Lindsay Meadows | Owner, Meadows Resources

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