Five tips for motivating remote workers

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Do you have a virtual assistant? Have you hired a remote developer? Do your employees want to telecommute? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve got an idea of what it’s like to manage remote workers. And you likely have an understanding of the importance of motivating remote workers. It doesn’t matter if your workers are at home or on the other side of the world, you need to keep motivating remote workers so that they are as productive as possible. Even your most self-sufficient remote employees can use a little extra help from you to stay on track.

Here are some tips for motivating remote workers

1.  Keep your virtual team together – when you send out team e-mails and your run your regular team conference calls, make sure that all of your remote workers as well as your on-site workers are included. If you create t-shirts or mugs with your logo on them, make sure that they are distributed to the whole team. Put your remote workers on your organizational chart so that they can see how they fit into your team.

2.  Make sure to reward remote workers – if you’ve got something like an “employee of the month” award or a quarterly recognition award, make sure that one of your remote workers has the chance to win it every once in a while. This also goes for bonuses. Nothing is more demotivating for a worker than to be left out of the reward program because they don’t have the chance to champion themselves in the office every day.

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3.  Encourage a “buddy program” between on-site and remote workers – when new projects open up, make sure to put both in-house workers and remote workers on teams together.  This is how office friendships get built. It also encourages better communication between your employees as they set up concalls, e-mail lists, and action items for each other.

4.  Make sure remote workers have the equipment they need – when your remote workers have what they need to get the job done, they have a better chance of getting it done for you. With the right technology and with the lines of communication to you open, you’re going to see greater productivity from everyone.

5. Get your remote workers paid on time – Use HiveDesk software to log work sessions and to track the time remote workers are spending on your projects.  Review work sessions on a regular basis and use the automatically generated time sheets to pay your workers on time. Nothing is more demotivating to a worker than not to get paid on time for the work that they have completed.

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Connect your remote workers to your goals and make them feel like part of your whole team. Motivating remote workers shouldn’t be a burden, but rather a team building tactic.

It’s not hard to keep motivating remote workers to ensure they remain happy and productive. And, that’s important to your bottom line.

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