Online reputation marketing and PR agency avoids over payments to remote workers

Harrier Media

About Harrier Media

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Harrier Media is a leading Online Reputation Marketing and PR agency that helps local businesses build and market their 5-star reputation to get more customers.

Google displaying your reviews alongside search results is a game-changer as customers are more likely to visit your site and buy from you if they see positive reviews. In fact, a Nielsen survey found that 70% of customers trust online reviews, Online Reputation Marketing and PR Agencysecond only to a personal recommendation from a friend or family.

Founder Jared Woodruff realized that businesses need to proactively build their online reputation. He started Harrier Media because he found local businesses lack the skill and knowledge for online reputation marketing.

Did you know that 92% of consumers judge a local business based on its online reputation?

Hiring the right staff

Online Reputation Marketing is a niche business and you need people with the right skill. Jared decided to hire remote employees as it gave him access to a much larger talent pool. Harrier Media can now hire the best person for the job, not just the best person in Eugene.

But hiring remote employees brought its own set of challenges. One of the biggest problems was the lack of visibility into what employees were doing and how much time was spent on each task. The company had no way of tracking if the worker actually worked the hours claimed on the timesheet. Since the number could not be cross-checked, many times the company ended up overpaying workers.

Enter HiveDesk

Jared was looking for a solution to the overpayment problem when he discovered HiveDesk. He decided to take advantage of the free trial and see if it could solve his problem. It has become an important part of the business that gives everyone peace of mind. It has brought in transparency and accountability. Overpayments are a thing of the past now and the company has saved a lot of money.

“HiveDesk has gotten rid of over-paying employees with our policy of “If it wasn’t tracked, it didn’t happen”. HiveDesk has given me peace of mind, I don’t think about our team members being accountable, it’s done for them and all I have to do is check at a glance what they’ve completed”, says Jared.

Future plans

Jared plans to grow the company even faster with access to the best talent he can hire and without the need to look over anyone’s shoulder.

“HiveDesk has gotten rid of over-paying employees with our policy of “If it wasn’t tracked, it didn’t happen.”

Are you overpaying your remote workers?

If you are using remote workers and pay them by the hour, then you may be overpaying them. Try HiveDesk free for 14-days and see just how easy it can be to track the hours spent by remote workers on your tasks and put more money into your pockets.

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