RealClicks Ramps Up Remote Workforce Efficiency with HiveDesk

About RealClicks

Real honesty, real teamwork, real service, real results — that’s what RealClicks promises and delivers for its clients. A digital marketing agency based in Sydney Australia, RealClicks has grown steadily since its founding five years ago on the back of a simple principle: work hard to acquire new clients and work even harder to keep them.

“We are very particular about our service and make sure it is of a super high standard. Clients need services and results; take care of that and the relationship takes care of itself,” said Shannon Hadley, founder of RealClicks.

And they’ve done a world-class job of taking care of their clients. Through deep understanding of individual client needs, RealClicks serves small and medium-size businesses and has continually grown in that segment. Today, the company has grown from its founding team to seven local staff members and 30 staff members distributed across five countries. With a growing and distributed team, building the company culture is key — and it can be a challenge.

The challenge: managing growth and building culture with a remote team

While it’s no easy task to keep a team spread across five different countries continually engaged in a close-knit company culture, focused on client success and delivering efficiently, RealClicks makes it a major point of emphasis.

“Staff is probably the wrong description. We work like a family. There is genuine relationship running throughout the business that spans the life of the business. We regularly send presents abroad for birthdays, weddings etc.,” said Shannon. “We enjoy a good round of embarrassing moments at one team member’s expense, all in good humor though. The culture is strong. People work hard, but they care about each other and the clients. We find that if a new hire lasts past three months, s/he is in. We are a bit like the mafia: if you are in the family, you are in it forever.”

RealClicks also employs many speciality contractors who work remotely. While the Realclicks family has strong culture and efficiency, these elements are more difficult to maintain with those who are less involved in day-to-day team activities, such as specialty contractors working on different projects. Further, on a practical level, how does RealClicks manage to maintain team cohesion and deliver quality work on a daily basis?

That’s where we come in.

HiveDesk helps keep remote workers focused and efficient

RealClicks focuses on leveraging the agility of shared documents, CRMs, project management software and other cloud-based tools to keep everyone in the team connected and working toward the common goal.

HiveDesk has been instrumental in managing remote contractors. With intuitive team time tracking, project collaboration and management and a multitude of convenient time and productivity reports, HiveDesk provides the transparency needed to manage projects and build the ideal work ethic and culture.

“We are gadget addicts, consistently looking for an edge from tools to increase efficiency and performance we can get our hands on,” Shannon said. “HiveDesk has proved real helpful in measuring and managing these projects.

The future looks solid

Over the past two years, RealClicks has developed into a full-service agency. This year, they’re expanding in Australia, and next year they’re opening support offices overseas. One tool they’ll use to manage that continued growth? HiveDesk.

While the digital landscape continuously evolves at warp speed, RealClicks intends plans to be a permanent fixture in it. At HiveDesk, we do too. We make it a point of pride to continue evolving and developing our platform to deliver the greatest possible advantages for our customers. Whether that means supporting transparency and company culture or improving efficiencies, we provide the technology and quality support experience to manage your remote team.

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