15 Reasons to Use HiveDesk’s Automated Time Tracking with Remote Workers

Since the moment paper-based time sheets were created to track time spent on a project, they have been dreaded by workers and managers.  The paper-based process is manually intensive. And, the electronic process of filling out a time sheet is not much better. Enter automated time tracking.

Automated time tracking is a far better way for remote workers and managers to measure the time spent on a project and look at the work that got completed.

Here are 15 reasons for using HiveDesk’s automated time tracking with your virtual team:

    1. You become more aware as to how your remote working hours are spent
    1. HiveDesk software runs in the background and is easy to use
    1. It eliminates the hated task of spreadsheet-based time tracking
    1. Easy to prove to your manager how much time you really spent on a project
    1. You can log off when you’re not working on a particular project
    1. Time sheets are accurate without time inflation
    1. Screen shots of work can uploaded at regular intervals determined by the manager
    1. You avoid the high fees (like up to 10%) associated with some outsourcing portals
    1. Rather than go back through your day (or week) to fill in hours on your time sheet, it’s automatically done for you
    1. Information flow is increased between remote workers and managers
    1. Builds trust between remote workers and managers
    1. It lets you concentrate on your work not your time sheet
    1. You better manage projects when you see how much time the project is actually taking and why
    1. Allows you to figure out work efficiencies through data analysis
    1. You can delete (with reason) any screen shots that you don’t need your manager to see

Leveraging HiveDesk’s automated time tracking capabilities for your remote workers will dramatically improve your teams productivity.