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Download the HiveDesk Electron Client

Download the HiveDesk Client


Windows 10+

Step 1:
Download and save
HiveDesk for Windows.exe” for 64-bit

Step 2:
Locate and double-click on
“HiveDesk for Windows.exe”

Step 3:
Follow instructions from Installer. It will automatically install HiveDesk Client.


Mac OS X v10.8+

Step 1: Download and save “HiveDesk for Mac.dmg

Step 2:
Double click the
“HiveDesk for Mac.dmg” file.
It will create a volume named HiveDesk.

Step 3:
After double-clicking, a window will open. Drag the file to the Application folder. If asked to replace an existing version, answer “Yes.”

Step 4:
After placing into the Application folder, eject the HiveDesk volume named “HiveDesk for Mac” and remove the file from the desktop.


Ubuntu 18+

Step 1: Download “HiveDesk for Linux.Applmage

Step 2:
After download, right-click on the “HiveDesk for Linux.AppImage” file and click on the Permissions tab. Click on the “Allow executing the file as program” checkbox and close the window.

Step 3:
Double click on the file and click on yes button in the next pop up window, after which the application will be launched.

Upgrade instructions

Whenever there is a new update available, HiveDesk client will automatically ask the user to upgrade during the launch. Then follow instructions from Installer. It will automatically install the latest version of HiveDesk Client.

If you have any questions about the installation process or encounter any problems, please contact us at so that we can assist you.

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