Best Free Project Management Excel Templates

Download our free project management Excel templates for Gantt chart, task and resource management. From start to finish, these templates will meet your project needs.

If you manage projects, you need these Excel project management templates to collect and manage project data. While there are project management tools like Asana, an Excel template is a good place to start, as it’s free and easy to use.

What Is a Project Management Template?

A project management template is an Excel workbook that you can use to track important information about your projects and tasks, like:

  • Creating project overview
  • Setting project budget and managing costs
  • Setting up, assigning, and managing tasks
  • Assigning resources to projects and tasks
  • Tracking task and project status by using Gantt chart


Why Do You Need a Project Management Template?

A good Excel template is very useful for tracking projects and tasks if you do not have the budget for or want the complexity of a full-fledged project management software. These templates are especially good for tracking repetitive projects.

For example, if you are a marketing agency, you probably run several client projects that are similar, like setting up Google Ads campaign or doing SEO. Instead of starting from scratch for every project, you can use these templates to save time and effort.

Of course, it’s probably easier to use a project management tool like Asana to manage projects. But if you’re just starting and want to keep things simple, Excel project management templates are a good starting point.

Why use Excel templates for project management?

Project management involves creating project plans, allocation of resources, task management, progress & cost tracking to ensure successful project completion. Excel templates are an excellent choice for managing projects because:

  • It’s practically free since your company already has paid for Excel
  • Most project team members know how to use it
  • Excel templates can be customized to suit the needs of your project
  • If you use Office 365, you can create a shared Excel Workbook for easy collaboration with your project team

While there are limitations to using Excel for managing projects, the benefits far outweigh the limitations in most cases. Most project management tools start at around $10 per person per month. Advanced tools like MS Project cost even more. Plus, you also need to train your team members to use the tool.

With a little imagination and by using our free project management Excel templates, you can manage your projects without any other tool.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that you can use to record, organize, and analyze data using built-in formulas and automations. We have already created formulas in these Excel project management templates. You can even write custom macros to take the performance of these Excel templates to the next level.

Using these templates will save you a lot of time and pain. And these templates are absolutely free to download and use!

Best Project Management Excel Templates & Spreadsheets

Download our free project, task, and resource management templates to improve the way you manage tasks, teams, and projects. From start to finish, we have templates to meet your project needs. We have also created a Gantt Chart template if you like to manage your projects using a visual tool.

We’ve created these project management templates in Excel for you to use when managing tasks, teams, and project. There are four templates:

  • Project Management Template – high level project information
  • Task Management Template – for managing project tasks
  • Gantt Chart Template – use it to track project status
  • Resource Allocation Template – great for managing resource allocation to different tasks and projects

Get yours for free now!

What Is a Project Management Template?

A project management template is an Excel workbook that you can use to track important information about your projects and tasks, like:

  • Creating project overview
  • Setting project budget and managing costs
  • Setting up, assigning, and managing tasks
  • Assigning resources to projects and tasks
  • Tracking task and project status by using Gantt chart

How to Use Project Management Templates?

Since Microsoft Excel is so popular and easy to use, we created our project management templates in Excel.

Using these project templates is easy. After you download a template, open it with Excel. If you don’t use Excel, you can upload it to your Google Drive and open with Google Sheets.

The first worksheet in every template tells you how to use it. The last sheet is where you maintain the project specific information such as a list of employees.

The second worksheet has sample data for you to understand how to use the template. The third sheet is blank for you to use for your project.

Download your free copy of project management templates

Project Management Template

This template is a high-level dashboard for all your projects. Use it to track status, priority, deadlines, and staffing information for multiple projects in one place. It’s an excellent tool for businesses, such as marketing agencies or consultants, that need to manage multiple client projects.

Instead of opening multiple project plans, you get information about all projects in one place. You can link individual projects to their detailed project plan Excel workbook for easy drill down into each project.

This high-level template is a handy tool for staying on top of your resource requirements across projects. You can see who is working on which project and who can be assigned to a new project.

If you have multiple clients, this project status template will be super useful to know which client’s projects are in trouble. You can filter projects by clients to see the status of all projects for a client. You can also filter the list by status to see which projects or clients need attention.

On the Project Options sheet in this template, you can maintain a list of clients, team members and project status options.

Project management template

Task Management Template

This template is for managing tasks in your projects. You can track task status, priority, start and end dates, completion status, and team members assigned to the task.

The Project Options sheet is where you list your team members, task status and priority options.

Task management template

Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that shows a project’s schedule. It’s named after Henry Gantt, who designed it in the early 1900s.

The project activities or tasks are listed on the left of the chart. The horizontal axis represents time intervals. You can choose a time scale that’s suitable for your project. Each task is shown as a horizontal. The position and length of the bar depend on the start date and duration of the task.

With a Gantt chart, you can see at a glance:

  • The list of tasks in the project
  • Start and end date of each task
  • How long each task is expected to take to complete
  • Which tasks overlap with others and which ones are dependent on others
  • The start and end date of the entire project

A Gantt chart helps you see the schedule of tasks and their dependencies over the project’s lifetime. It appeals to people who prefer visual representation of project data.

Gantt chart is one of the most popular and powerful ways to track a project’s progress. Excel does not support Gantt Chart, so we created this template for people who want to use the Gantt chart with an Excel project template.

Using Gantt Chart template along with the other Excel templates for project management will give you a 360-degree view of your projects. You can make your templates even more appealing by using color coding and shading.

While a Gantt chart can become complex to manage in Excel spreadsheets for large projects, this template can meet the needs of most projects. If you need a more powerful solution, you can use tools like Asana or MS Project.

Download this Excel template to quickly make a Gantt chart from your task list.

To create the Gantt Chart, enter task index (order of task), task name, start and end dates, deadline, team member and completion percentage. Finally, use the cells starting from column H to create your Gantt chart.

In the Project Options sheet for the Gantt Chart template, maintain list your team members, task status and priority options.

Gantt chart template

Resource Allocation Template

Resource allocation template is very useful for understanding if your team members are over or under-loaded. It’s a critical piece of information for any project manager, as you don’t want your team members to either over-work or under-work.

We created this template to help you better manage your project resources.

The Project Options sheet options to manage list of your team members, task status and priority options.

Resource allocation template

Streamline your project management process

Our free project management templates are built in MS-Excel. You can use these templates to plan and track projects, assign tasks to members, manage team member workload and manage tasks. Download our ready-to-use templates and improve your project management process.