User Guide for Admin

Start by clicking on the Free Trial tab from the home page.

On this page, you can Sign Up for Trial account which will set up a free Mini Plan for 14 days. After free trial sign up, you can upgrade for any paid plan.


Enter the necessary information in the required fields.

After clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT button, You will get a mail for confirmation.

Click on the Confirm Email button which will open a browser tab with the login and password prefilled.

Whenever there is a privacy policy changes, you will get the privacy policy acceptance notification after login process. Agree to the Terms and Privacy policy by checking the box, and click on the Continue button.

When you Login, the first page that will come up inside your account is the Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides a List of Active Projects that are being worked on. You can click on the names of these projects to view details and edit the projects. It also includes Task Details which enables you to keep track of any immediately pending tasks.

You can select the My Projects button on the left menu in order to start managing projects and inviting team members. To create a project, click the Create New Project link which is located below My Projects.

Project Details

You can fill in the Project Title, a Short Description, and Notes. All of these will be visible to your team members in their HiveDesk Client.

Screenshot Control

You can set the Screenshot Interval; adjust the Project Priority, which is a number from 1-99 describing the importance of the project; and control your team members access to their screenshots.

Invite Team Members

You can either Invite Existing Team Members to the project or Invite New Team Members who do not have a HiveDesk account yet. This will send the team members an email from HiveDesk containing the name of the project they have been invited to.

Submit Your Project

If you click the My Project button on the left menu you will see the following links below My Projects.

Create New Project

This button enables you to create a new project. Directions for creating new projects can be found above.

Closed Projects

This button lets you view and Reopen Projects that you have closed. You can also reopen projects by clicking on the button in the top right.

After Selecting a Project

After selecting the project name, you can create a Project Summary by selecting one team member or everyone and picking a range of dates for which to generate the summary.

This summary will display the amount of time spent by each team member on this project within the time span specified. It will also display activity levels and the screenshots from each team member. After you click on a project name, this row of buttons will appear below the tabs from left to right:

Manage Roster

This button allows you to configure the permissions and hourly rate of each team member within this specific project.

Hourly Rate

You can set your employees hourly pay so that it can be automatically calculated based on the hours recorded for that individual team member. You can check “locked” so only you can edit this rate.

Manage Team Members Permission

You can click the icon that is above “Manage Team Members Disabled” in order to enable a particular team member to invite new team members. Clicking on this icon gives them permission to control which members are assigned to which projects.

Manage Projects Permission

You can click the icon that is above “Manage Projects Disabled” in order to enable a particular team member to edit, close, or delete the project that you have created.

Manage Tasks Permission

You can click the icon that is above “Manage Tasks Disabled” in order to enable a particular team member to create and edit specific tasks for that project.

Edit Time Permission

You can click the icon that is above “Edit Time Disabled” in order to enable a particular team member to edit their time in each work session. Team members can effectively edit their own timesheets using this permission. This permission should be given out only to trusted team members.

Remove Team Member

If you wish to remove a particular team member from a project, you can click on the red X to remove the member.

Edit Project

This button allows you to change the Project Details as well as the Screenshot Controls.

Delete Project

This button permanently deletes all the data for the project and removes it from your list of projects.

Close Project

Prevents any changes to be made to the project and prevents team members from checking in. Data is not deleted, unlike the previous button.

Manage Tasks

This button allows you to add or remove tasks. Tasks can be assigned to specific team members (or a group of members) and can be assigned a due date. Before you add a new task, you need to create a New Task List by clicking the button at the bottom of the Task Lists box.

New Task Lists

When creating a new task list, you can enter both a Name and a Short Description for the task list.

New Tasks

To create a new task, you can click the Add New Task button located in the middle of the left side of the Tasks box. When creating this task, you can enter a task and assign it to a particular person while choosing a Task List to assign it to. In addition you can choose the task priority, a number from 1 to 99 and you can choose whether or not to send the team member an email notification about the task. After setting the due date, you can hit Add Task to complete the process.

Managing Tasks

You can find existing tasks by searching for them by whom they were assigned to and the due date. You can also click the empty check box to indicate that a particular task is completed. The writing pad icon allows you to edit tasks and the trash can icon allows you to delete tasks.

Work Session Edit

This button allows you to manually edit the hours you have worked.

You can edit these hours by clicking on the writing pad icon in the Edit column. You can change the times in the Check In and Check Out columns and save these new times by clicking the Save button in the Edit column.

My Team  Members

My Team Members page allows you to view all of the team members assigned to your projects. It allows you to promote or demote each member across all projects and configure their permissions. There are three different levels of users- team members, managers, and administrators. Managers are given the ability to manage all projects.

When you click the My Team Members tab, this box will appear near the top of the screen. Each team member has four buttons located in the right most column.

Promote/Demote Worker

The leftmost button enables you to promote a member to a manager or demote a manager to a member. Managers can add team members to any of your projects and edit all your projects.

Download Work Sessions

This is the second button from the left. It downloads a .csv file containing details about a particular worker’s different work sessions and timings as well as details about time spent on each project.

Email Work Sessions

It emails you a .csv file containing details about a particular team member’s different work sessions and timings as well as details about time spent on each project. This is very similar to the “Download Work Sessions” button.

Activate/Deactivate Team Members

This is the second button from the right. This button enables you to deactivate a team member from accessing any of your projects. Data is not deleted, unlike the Delete button. You can re-activate this team member any time.

Delete Worker

The rightmost button enables you to delete a team member and all of the member’s data permanently. The data is not recoverable after deletion, so ensure you download or export any data you wish to keep before deleting a team member.

Add New Worker

You can add new team members from this tab as well by entering the team member’s email address and selecting a project to add them to. When you click the Add New Worker button, HiveDesk will send an email to your team member letting them know that you have asked them to join your project. The email will contain the name of the project and will provide them links to sign up for or log into HiveDesk.

Invitation pending team members

This section is for managing invitation pending team members. Account owner can see the list of all pending invitation members here.

1) Account owner can re-send their invitation again from resend invite button
2) Account owner can copy the invitaion link from “Copy invite URL” section.
3) Account owner can delete invited member from each projects and can also delete from all projects together by selecting checkbox.

Inactive Team members

This is for managing inactive team members. Account owner can see the list of all inactive members here.

1) Account owner can download all the work session details in csv format by clicking on download button and clicking on mail button will send the data through mail.
2) By clicking on activate button, you can re-activate the team member.
3) Delete button is for deleting the inactive team member. This action will delete all the project related data of that particular team member.

Online Members

This page allows you to view all active team members assigned to your projects. In other words, it will list all the team members who are logged in hivedesk desktop client at that time.

Member Activity

This page allows you to view all the work sessions of a particular team member.

The Reports tab primarily allows you to generate timesheet reports for specific users. This can be viewed as either a timesheet or chart.

Timesheet Reports

At the top of the page that comes up when you click the Reports tab are the Timesheet Reports. This enables you to select a team member, select a project, choose a set of dates, choose whether or not to include notes, and choose how to receive the timesheet.

The resulting timesheet is displayed like this if you choose to view and download the timesheet.


You can also choose to view a chart by selecting a team member and range of dates. This produces a chart that is displayed with number of hours and activity level on the vertical axis and dates on the horizontal axis.

Report Distribution Management

HiveDesk will automatically email you reports like daily summary report, weekly report email and bimonthly report. You can enable the sevice from Report Distribution Management section for each team member.

Weekly Work Summary

HiveDesk will automatically email you weekly work summaries. However, you can also have HiveDesk send you a summary of the last 7 days of work.

Summarized Timesheet Report

You will get summarized timesheet report with active time and total work session time. You can download it in PDF or Excel format.

You can produce weekly performance charts for each project that are displayed as bar graphs like below.

Screenshot Reports

This enables you to view all the screenshots from a particular team member in any window of dates you would like. You can also choose a particular project to view screenshots from or choose “All Projects.” You can click the View All Screenshots button to view these screenshots.

The Team Productivity tab allows you to view as a whole how much work has been done by your team members across all projects for a single day. This is displayed in an easy to understand graphic. The yellow bar highlights the time during which the team member was checked into a project.

The Account section allows you to view invoices, edit your profile, upgrade plan etc..

Account Usage

This page has two separate sections like Account usage options and My invoices. Account usage section will display the account plan and other project related details. You can view your invoices from ‘My Invoices’ section.

Change My Plan

This page has two separate sections like Plan Options and Billing Information. From Plan Options section you can upgrade/downgrade the hivedesk account plan and cancel the account. Billing informations section showing your existing card details with next billing date. By clicking Update My Credit Card button, you can change your card information.


This page is displaying profile details and allows you to edit the existing information.


This page has three sections like Change Password, Auto Checkout Settings and Currency Settings. Auto Checkout Settings section allows you to add inactivity time for desktop client auto checkout settings. Currency Settings allows you to change your currency setting for rate calculation on reports.

What are the appropriate uses of the Activity Level and the screenshots sent from the workers’ computers?

The activity level and the screenshots can be used in conjunction to determine the productivity of a team member. The screenshots provide proof that the remote worker is not using paid time to do other activities. The Activity Level measures how much activity the team member is doing on the computer. This ensures that members do not merely leave a single window up on their computer to create the appearance of doing work. A high activity level doesn’t guarantee productivity; likewise, screenshots with a single “productive” window do not guarantee productivity by themselves either.

Do I need the HiveDesk Client?

The HiveDesk Client is not necessary for administrators. The functionality on the HiveDesk Client is the same for both administrators and team members and is useful for documenting working hours and taking and sending screenshots.

How do I install the HiveDesk Client?

The HiveDesk Client can be downloaded from

How do I run the HiveDesk Client?

On Windows, after the installation of the HiveDesk Client, you will see an icon with the HiveDesk Logo on the Desktop. Select and double-click on this icon and the HiveDesk Client will be launched.

On Linux, execute the launch.jnlp file using the installed java wrapper.

On Macs, you will see the HiveDesk Client in your Applications folder; click to launch it.

Do I need an account to use the HiveDesk Client?

Yes, you need a HiveDesk account in order to login to the HiveDesk Client. You can sign up for an account by clicking the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the page or clicking the Create a new account button on the login page.

What does the color of the notes column in the HiveDesk Client mean?

Red means the Project Note is new, Gray means no Project Note has been provided, Black means the Project Note has already been read.

How do I adjust Screenshot Controls and Project Details?

Click on the My Projects tab, then click on the project name for which you wish to adjust the settings. Click on the Edit Project button under the tabs. From here, you will be able to change the Screenshot Controls as well as the details of the project.

How do I add a new team member?

Click on the My Workers tab; under the line that says “Add New Worker”, you can enter the email address the team member(s) that you want to add.

How many team members can I add?

This depends on the plan that was purchased. The listing is as follows:
Mini Plan – Up to 3 Team Members
Mini + Plan – Up to 5 Team Members
Small Plan – Up to 7 Team Members
Medium Plan – Up to 12 Team Members
Large Plan – Up to 20 Team Members
XL Plan – More than 20 Team Members

Is there a limit on the hours or number of screenshots I can use on HiveDesk?

No, every plan includes unlimited hours, projects, and screenshots.

What kind of plan is the free trial?

The 14-Day Free Trial is a free version of the Mini Plan. This means that you can have up to 2 team members on this plan.

What are Tasks?

Tasks are jobs with specific deadlines that you can assign to a particular team member. This task can be viewed by the team member in their HiveDesk Client. They are able to check off tasks as they are completed. Tasks can be added and edited by going to the My Projects tab and clicking on the project name for which you wish to add a task. Below the tabs, there is a button for managing tasks that can be used to add a new task or edit existing tasks.

What is the difference between the permissions of regular team members and the permissions of managers?

Managers have the ability to view all of the projects created by the administrator and add team members to different projects. Managers also have the ability to create new projects and add entirely new team members.

What types of reports can be generated?

HiveDesk can generate Timesheet Reports, Daily Work Summaries, Weekly Work Summaries, Bi-weekly Work Summaries, and Screenshot reports.

Do account owners/ administrators count as team members?

Administrators do not count towards the team member limit.