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We love to hear how you are using HiveDesk software to manage the remote workers on your virtual team. Whether you’ve got a feature that you think we’re missing or you just want to tell us how well you like HiveDesk, let us know.

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about using HiveDesk to manage their virtual team of remote workers:

  • I just wanted to say I love the new “email time sheet” feature (and this program in general). Thanks!  Michelle Day – passiveincomeonlineblog.com
  • I am really digging @hivedesk – makes tracking remote teams easy. Desktop screen capture, time sheets & more!  Lorna Li – @lornali
  • HiveDesk has many, many benefits for those looking to outsource some of their online business work and want to make sure they’re getting what they pay for.  ReplaceYourSalary.com

And, here’s what the press has to say about using HiveDesk to manage members of a virtual team:

Increase productivity, take screenshots, track time and cost, and bring accountability to your team.

In the beginning, it may be helpful to closely monitor the work of a new hire. Chris recommends using tools like Hive Desk, which “allows you to keep a tab on what people are doing. They have to clock in and out, just like they would in a regular office environment, and it takes screenshots of their computer every ten minutes,” which can give you a bit more confidence from the start. GigaOM.com

We look forward to helping you better manage your virtual team!

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