Remote employee time tracking software with screenshot and activity monitoring

Automatically track time, generate timesheets, get activity reports, monitor tasks and project cost.

Time Tracking Software

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Problems with the old way of tracking time

Problems of manual time tracking

Inaccurate timesheets

Manual time tracking is inaccurate leading to unreliable data for payroll and invoicing

Poor visibility into tasks and projects

Missed task and project deadlines leading to unhappy clients

Difficulty in complying with labor laws

Complying with labor laws is a challenge without proper records about hours worked, time off and overtime

HiveDesk time tracking and task management software is the answer

Get accurate timesheets

Automatic time tracking gives you reliable data for timesheets. The approval process ensures that timesheets are accurate so you can process payroll and invoice clients with confidence.

Get accurate timesheets with HiveDesk time tracking app
Stay on top of your teams work with task management app

Stay on top of your team’s work

See which tasks are on time and which ones are behind. Track time at task level and get visibility into how your team spends time at work. Identify which tasks are time sinks and costing you more money than you expected.

Simplify compliance with labor laws

Track attendance, time off, and overtime to ensure compliance with labor laws. Schedule employee work hours, set up holidays and leave policies to bring transparency to your employees.

Simplify compliance with labor laws with HiveDesk workforce management app
Automatic time tracking

Automatic time tracking

Track time your remote employees spend on your projects and tasks with HiveDesk time tracking software. It works on all platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Activity monitoring

Monitor output with activity report. Measure both active and inactive time for each team member. Increase accountability by tracking productive and non-productive time spent on your projects.

Activity monitoring
Task tracking

Task tracking

You create tasks in projects and assign them to team members. Team members see the projects in HiveDesk client app when they log in to track time. You can track by their status and due dates.

Automatic screenshots

Take screenshots of your employee’s computer at random intervals. Use the screenshots to verify their work, backup timesheets and build trust with clients. Use screenshots to provide feedback and improve the productivity of your work from home and remote employees.

Screenshot Report
Geolocation time tracking


Geolocation allows you to track how long your employees work at a job location. Employees check-in when they start work at a location and check out when the work is finished. The time log is stored with the zip code.

Monitor both desk and field employees

Desktop apps (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome) are great for tracking the time of employees who have a desk job. But what if you want to monitor your field staff? We have you covered with the mobile apps that can track both time and location of work.

Monitor desk and field employees

See how our customers use HiveDesk

Attendance and leave tracker for HR managers

Simplify people management

  • Streamline timesheet and payroll processing
  • Manage overtime, holidays, and paid time off
  • Improve labor compliance
Task and project tracking for project managers

Manage projects more effectively

  • Get visibility into time spent on tasks and projects
  • Track labor cost for tasks and projects
  • Improve resource allocation to tasks

Increase team productivity

  • Track team’s work hours
  • Manage employee schedules
  • Get visibility into work progress
Benefits of time tracking for finance managers

Improve invoicing and cost management

  • Automate invoicing and project costing
  • Increase invoice accuracy
  • Improve financial planning with historical data
How time tracking helps CXOs

Grow your business profitably

  • Get high level view of business operations
  • Make decision based on actual data
  • Know which projects make you money
Time tracking for marketing teams

Streamline campaign activities

  • Organize campaign tasks and track progress
  • Track campaign costs
  • Get visibility into time spent on tasks and campaigns
Time tracking for operations team

Increase efficiency

  • Track time taken by each task
  • Manage work in real time
  • Provide data-driven feedback to employees
Time tracking software for client servicing teams

Build trust with clients

  • Stay on top of client projects
  • Manage work in real time
  • Increase trust with accurate invoices

How it works







Log into your account.

Add client and projects.

Add employees/contractors to projects.

Employees install the HiveDesk app on their computer and start tracking time.

You log into HiveDesk to see and approve timesheets, tasks, projects, activities, cost, and other reports.

Use timesheets to bill clients and process payroll. Track cost with staff cost data from timesheets.

Customer Testimonials

2000+ happy users have tracked over 4,000,000 hours with HiveDesk

“We have been using HiveDesk for more than two years, they have improved the features and interface to make it more user friendly. It is a great tool to tracking time, it is affordable and easy to implement.”

Posted on :

Luis S
“HiveDesk is a great tracking platform. We’re able to track the time and activity of employees. This is a very useful productivity tracker.”

Posted on :

Samantha M
“As an employer, making sure your employees are productive is essential. Managing employees from home can be challenging since they do not have any direct supervision. HiveDesk helps us track our employee’s productivity so that we can rest assured that everyone is functioning at their best.”

Posted on :

CEO, Medical Billing
“Great time tracking tool for remote work teams. Easy to use and install for employees, good report and billing system.”

Posted on :

Lucas R
“In today’s world, remote work is a given. We use this software to handle those challenges. We tried a lot of the competitors and for many reasons HiveDesk won. Plus, team loves their support. Fast and attentive.”

Posted on :

David M
“Our experience with HiveDesk has been stellar and in fact we have recommended it to many of our clients as well. We have a large contracted services footprint and many clients have asked us how we manage it and we have told them of HiveDesk. We love the ease of use and simplicity of the client and interface.”

Posted on :

Jeff S
“This software is fantastic for tracking hours. It also does a great job of determining how active employees are with their work with the active time feature.”

Posted on :

Andrew L
“Finally found something I like! My subcontractors love it, I love it. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate. It’s a win/win for all of us.”

Posted on :

Annette D
“HiveDesk makes tracking remote hours easy. Keeps remote workers accountable. It also makes payroll easy when I can just pull up a report.”

Posted on :

Jessica T
“Reliable, accurate and effective solution for remote employees. It’s an effective and reliable solution for remote workers. I have not had to worry about anything since setting it up.”

Posted on :

Ryan L
“HiveDesk is a project management software with time tracking features. Gives me the ability to monitor team’s progress at any time, visualize their reports, activity and performance levels.”

Posted on :

Jessica G
“A great tool for remote workers. I like that it measures your productivity in relation to your working hours each day, so it is an excellent way to maintain high standards for remote workers.”

Posted on :


Easily track time, monitor your team's activities, increase productivity, and bring accountability

Time Tracking

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  • Streamline timesheet and payroll processing
  • Manage overtime, holidays, and paid time off
  • Improve labor compliance
Computer screenshot and activity monitoring software

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