Time Tracking, Task Management, Invoicing, and Activity Monitoring for Service Businesses and Agencies

Time tracking software

Trusted by service businesses with onsite and remote teams

HiveDesk transforms management of service businesses

The Old Way

Inaccurate timesheets

No tasks or project tracking

No activity monitoring

Manual attendance & leave tracking

Manual employee scheduling

Manual client invoicing

Difficulty in labor law compliance

With HiveDesk

Accurate timesheets

Track tasks and projects

Monitor employee activities

Automatic attendance & leave tracking

Employee shift scheduling

Automated client invoicing

Easy compliance with labor laws

Everything you need to make your team more productive

Get accurate timesheets

Get accurate timesheets
Projects and task tracking software

Manage tasks and projects

Monitor employee activities

Employee activity monitoring software
Automatic attendance tracking

Automatic attendance and leave tracking

Employee shift scheduling

Streamline team management with time tracking
Create invoices with HiveDesk time tracking software

Automated client invoicing

Simplify compliance with labor laws

Labor law compliance with time tracking

Track time on desktop, mobile, or web

Track time in

Track employee location

Measure employee productivity

access levels

Generate detailed

Get email

Use extensive knowledgebase

How it works

How HiveDesk time tracking software works





Create account. Add projects and employees.

Employees log time using desktop,
Chrome, mobile or web app.

Add leave policies, overtime rate,
and employee schedule.

Use accurate timesheet data for payroll and billing.

Customer Testimonials

2000+ happy users have tracked over 4,000,000 hours with HiveDesk

“We have been using HiveDesk for more than two years, they have improved the features and interface to make it more user friendly. It is a great tool to tracking time, it is affordable and easy to implement.”

Posted on :

Luis S
“HiveDesk is a great tracking platform. We’re able to track the time and activity of employees. This is a very useful productivity tracker.”

Posted on :

Samantha M
“As an employer, making sure your employees are productive is essential. Managing employees from home can be challenging since they do not have any direct supervision. HiveDesk helps us track our employee’s productivity so that we can rest assured that everyone is functioning at their best.”

Posted on :

CEO, Medical Billing
“Great time tracking tool for remote work teams. Easy to use and install for employees, good report and billing system.”

Posted on :

Lucas R
“In today’s world, remote work is a given. We use this software to handle those challenges. We tried a lot of the competitors and for many reasons HiveDesk won. Plus, team loves their support. Fast and attentive.”

Posted on :

David M
“Our experience with HiveDesk has been stellar and in fact we have recommended it to many of our clients as well. We have a large contracted services footprint and many clients have asked us how we manage it and we have told them of HiveDesk. We love the ease of use and simplicity of the client and interface.”

Posted on :

Jeff S
“This software is fantastic for tracking hours. It also does a great job of determining how active employees are with their work with the active time feature.”

Posted on :

Andrew L
“Finally found something I like! My subcontractors love it, I love it. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate. It’s a win/win for all of us.”

Posted on :

Annette D
“HiveDesk makes tracking remote hours easy. Keeps remote workers accountable. It also makes payroll easy when I can just pull up a report.”

Posted on :

Jessica T
“Reliable, accurate and effective solution for remote employees. It’s an effective and reliable solution for remote workers. I have not had to worry about anything since setting it up.”

Posted on :

Ryan L
“HiveDesk is a project management software with time tracking features. Gives me the ability to monitor team’s progress at any time, visualize their reports, activity and performance levels.”

Posted on :

Jessica G
“A great tool for remote workers. I like that it measures your productivity in relation to your working hours each day, so it is an excellent way to maintain high standards for remote workers.”

Posted on :


Automatic time tracking, task management, resource allocation, and invoicing in one easy-to-use software

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