With HiveDesk, you get access to:

Flexible project management

Allocate a single task for a single worker or a larger project for a team of workers. How you define your projects is completely up to you. All plans support unlimited projects.

Visual productivity data

Productivity is a big concern for employers who manage remote workers. HiveDesk reports visual productivity data each time a screenshot is captured allowing you to monitor the efficiency of each work session.

Check-in / Check-out

Your remote workers can check-in and check-out throughout a work day allowing them to take breaks without having to notify you when they return. They can easily switch projects and HiveDesk tracks how much time they spend on each project.

Random screen sampling

Screenshots are taken randomly throughout a work session allowing you to perform random audits ensuring that your workers are on task and not distracted.The desktop tracker supports multiple-monitor setups and will take screenshots even while screen savers are active.

Effortless timesheets

You can export work session history and generate PDF time sheets with ease.

Multi-platform client

Your remote workers can download and use the desktop client to check-in whenever they are working on your projects. All projects that the worker is assigned to will be visible in the desktop client. The desktop client supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What our customers are saying…

I just wanted to say I love the new “email time sheet” feature (and this program in general). Thanks!. :)
Michelle Day – http://passiveincomeonlineblog.com
I am really digging @hivedesk – makes tracking remote teams easy. Desktop screen capture, time sheets & more!
Lorna Li – @lornali – http://twitter.com/lornali

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