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Are you a software development company looking to optimize your operations? Our Time Tracking Software is the solution you’ve been searching for!

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The best software companies use HiveDesk to track time, boost productivity and stay on top of projects.


Increase developer productivity

Is manual time tracking taking your software developers away from their core tasks?

Manual time tracking can be time-consuming for developers, taking them away from coding and other productive tasks. Tracking time distracts them and impacts their productivity negatively.

With automatic time tracking, your developers will save several hours every week that they would otherwise spend on manual timesheet entries. Now they can spend that time writing code and being more productive. 


Bill clients accurately

Do you face billing issues and delayed payments due to imprecise tracking?

Manual time tracking can be inaccurate, leading to billing disputes with clients and delayed payments.

An automatic time tracking software like HiveDesk ensures precise billing, reducing disputes, and improving cash flow for your software business. You also gain clients’ trust through transparent billing and detailed reports of work completed.


Improve resource management

Struggling to manage resources efficiently across multiple software projects?

Managing resources across various projects can be challenging without real-time insights into time usage.

HiveDesk gives you detailed information about projects, tasks, time, and cost for each employee on your team. With time tracking, you can allocate resources effectively based on real-time data, preventing overworking or underutilizing developers.


Manage projects and tasks with ease

Having trouble staying on top of your projects and tasks?

Managing multiple software projects and dozens of tasks simultaneously can be a challenge without the right tools.

HiveDesk tracks which tasks are behind schedule, how much time developers have spent on each task and project. Armed with this detailed information, you can reassign tasks and resources to improve adherence to project timelines.

You can also see which tasks and projects are taking more time than planned so you can take appropriate action.


Grow your business profitably

Software development projects often take more time and money than planned.  

By accurately tracking time, tasks and cost, you can ensure that your projects stay profitable. HiveDesk tracks cost for each task, project and employee so you can easily see which tasks and projects are costing you money and which ones are profitable.

Software developers are your most expensive resources. By tracking cost for each employee, you can monitor how well you are utilizing them and what changes you need to make.

How it works







Log into your account.

Add client and projects.

Add designers, developers, and testers to projects.

Employees install the HiveDesk app on their computer and start tracking time.

You log into HiveDesk to see and approve timesheets, tasks, projects, activities, cost, and other reports.

Use timesheets to bill clients and process payroll. Track cost with staff cost data from timesheets.

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Say hello to productivity, accuracy, and profitable growth. Streamline your operations and project management with HiveDesk.

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