Enhance Team Accountability with HiveDesk Time Tracking Software

Accountability is crucial for the success of professional services firms and agencies, whether teams work in-office or remotely.

HiveDesk time tracking software is designed to build accountability in teams through features like task management, time tracking, activity monitoring, and attendance tracking.

Discover how HiveDesk can help your business improve transparency, productivity, and trust.

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Team Accountability
The best businesses empower their employees, boost productivity, and stay on top of their client projects with HiveDesk
Track tasks to build team accountability


Track task progress

HiveDesk’s task management feature ensures that every team member knows what they are responsible for and when tasks are due. This clarity promotes accountability and helps keep projects on track.

Assign tasks to specific team members with deadlines to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities. Monitor the status of tasks in real-time to identify bottlenecks and provide support where needed.

Generate reports on task completion and performance to review team efficiency and make data-driven decisions.


Track time spent at work to increase trust

Accurate time tracking is essential for building accountability in your team. HiveDesk tracks the time spent on tasks and projects, providing a clear picture of employee productivity. Eliminate manual errors with automatic time tracking for accurate records. Track time across various devices, ensuring flexibility for both in-office and remote employees. Generate comprehensive timesheets that provide insights into how time is spent, promoting accountability and transparency.
Time tracking for building team accountability
Monitor employee activities to build team accountability


Monitor employee activities

HiveDesk’s activity monitoring feature captures detailed data on employee activities, helping managers ensure that team members are focused and productive. Monitor keyboard and mouse activity to assess engagement levels. Capture periodic screenshots to provide visual evidence of work being done. Generate reports on employee activities to identify areas for improvement and ensure accountability.


Put an end to manual attendance tracking

Keeping accurate records of employee attendance is crucial for managing accountability. HiveDesk’s attendance tracking feature simplifies this process. Automatically track attendance based on logged work hours. Manage and assign shifts to ensure optimal employee utilization. Generate detailed attendance reports to monitor punctuality and address any issues proactively.
Attendance tracking to build team accountability

How it works

How HiveDesk time tracking software works





Create account. Add projects and employees.

Employees log time using desktop,
Chrome, mobile or web app.

Add leave policies, overtime rate,
and employee schedule.

Use accurate timesheet data for payroll and billing.

More than just an attendance tracker

Easily track time, schedule employees, manage tasks, stay on top of projects and increase productivity with HiveDesk

Employee time tracking

Track employee time with our desktop, mobile and browser apps

Task management

Create and assign tasks to employees. Manage task schedule and status.

Project tracking

Track project status, hours spent, and labor cost incurred on the project

Timesheet & Timecard

Get accurate employee timesheets & timecards with approval process

Multi-level access management

Assign manager role to employees with different level access control

Project cost tracking

Track labor cost incurred on each project by adding hourly cost for each employee

Automatic screenshots

Capture periodic screenshots for feedback & monitoring

Workforce Management

Add and remove employees. Manage roles, tasks, attendance and track time.

Customer Testimonials

HiveDesk has helped over 1000 businesses track over 5 million hours in over 100 countries.

We have used every time tracking software under the sun, and they all fall short in some area that we need, but overall HiveDesk has met our needs. Their PDF screen shot reports are clean, easy to use and understand. Our clients prefer them over the complicated reports of other systems.

Lindsey Meadows

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Frequently asked questions

HiveDesk builds team accountability by providing tools for task management, time tracking, activity monitoring, and attendance tracking. These features ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities, track their time accurately, and stay productive.
Yes, HiveDesk is ideal for remote teams. Its multi-device compatibility allows employees to track time and tasks from any location, ensuring accountability regardless of where they work.
Activity monitoring improves accountability by tracking keystrokes, mouse movements, and taking periodic screenshots. This data helps managers ensure that employees are focused on their tasks and provides visual evidence of work being done.

HiveDesk generates various reports, including task reports, timesheets, activity reports, and attendance reports. These reports provide valuable insights into team productivity and accountability.

Yes, HiveDesk prioritizes data security. All data is encrypted and securely stored, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.
HiveDesk’s task management feature allows managers to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time. This helps keep projects on schedule and ensures that team members are accountable for their work.
Yes, HiveDesk tracks attendance automatically based on logged work hours. This feature simplifies attendance management and ensures accurate records.
Time tracking improves accountability by providing accurate data on how employees spend their time. This transparency helps identify inefficiencies and ensures that team members are focused on their tasks.
You can start using HiveDesk by signing up for a free 14-day trial. This allows you to explore all features and see how HiveDesk can enhance team accountability in your organization.

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