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Make your outsourcing company more efficient and profitable with time tracking

Are you ready to transform your BPO and Outsourcing company’s efficiency and profitability? Our Time Tracking Software is the key to unlocking your full potential!

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The best outsourcing companies use HiveDesk to track time, become efficient and become more profitable.


Track time and activities accurately

Struggling to accurately track time and activities of your BPO teams?

BPO processes can be complex, making it challenging to accurately track time spent on different tasks and activities. Outsourcing companies need to know if the employees are actively working on the assigned tasks.

HiveDesk not only keeps track of hours worked, but it also monitors what your employees do during those hours. Outsourcing companies get full visibility into their employees’ time, tasks, and activities.


Bill clients accurately

Tired of tedious, error-prone manual time entry affecting billing and reporting?

Ensure accurate billing, reduce disputes, and improve cash flow with our time tracking software.

Manual time tracking can be inaccurate, leading to billing disputes with clients and delayed payments.

An automatic time tracking outsourcing software ensures accurate billing, reduces disputes, and improves cash flow for your outsourcing company. You also gain clients’ trust through transparent billing and detailed reports of work completed.


Improve employee productivity

Identify bottlenecks, enhance productivity, and boost overall efficiency with HiveDesk time tracking software.

Improving process efficiency is a big lever for outsourcing companies to deliver value to clients and reducing cost of operations. Time and activity data help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, leading to improved overall productivity.


Manage costs and increase profits

Outsourcing businesses typically have a per hour billing model. Managing costs is one of the most effective ways to increase profits in BPOs.

HiveDesk tracks cost by employees, projects, and tasks. You always have a snapshot of how much each project and task cost you. Monthly timesheet gives you employee level cost so you can see which employees are profitable.

Gain insights into cost optimization with detailed cost data and increase profitability.


Get competitive advantage

BPO/Outsourcing companies that use time tracking can offer clients transparency, efficient resource allocation, and accurate billing, setting them apart from competitors.

Gain competitive advantage with clients by providing them with accurate reports of work completed, fostering transparency and satisfaction.

How it works







Log into your account.

Add client and projects.

Add employees to projects and assign them tasks.

Employees install the HiveDesk app on their computer and start tracking time.

You log into HiveDesk to see and approve timesheets, tasks, projects, activities, cost, and other reports.

Use timesheets to bill clients and process payroll. Track cost with staff cost data from timesheets.

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Say hello to productivity, accuracy, and profitable growth. Streamline your operations and project management with HiveDesk.

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