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Elevate Your Accounting Firm with Time Tracking

Are manual time entries, billing hassles, and resource allocation challenges holding your accounting firm back? Our Time Tracking Software is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

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Accountant time tracking software
Trusted by accounting firms for tracking employee time


Put an end to manual time entry

Ditch the spreadsheets and embrace precision. Our accountant time tracking software automates time entry, ensuring every work hour is accurately accounted for.

  • Tracks time by clients and projects
  • Generates accurate timesheets
  • Gives you insights into how your team spends time
  • Streamlines invoicing and payroll


Simplify regulatory compliance

Navigate the complexities of regulations with ease. Our Time Tracking Software provides the detailed records needed for audits, tax preparation, and regulatory compliance.

CPA firms must comply with strict regulations and reporting requirements. Inaccurate time tracking can result in compliance issues. Accountant time tracking software can help CPA firms meet regulatory requirements.


Streamline resource allocation

Allocate resources like a pro. Gain deep insights into time allocation, match the right staff with the right tasks, and supercharge your firm’s productivity.

It can be difficult to allocate staff resources effectively without a clear understanding of how time is spent on various tasks, projects, and clients.

With HiveDesk, accounting firms get detailed cost and resource utilization data across projects and clients. Equipped with this data, you can allocate resources more efficiently, matching staff with tasks and clients based on actual data.


Manage client projects more efficiently

Without real-time insights, it’s challenging to manage multiple client projects simultaneously, potentially leading to missed deadlines and overruns.

Real-time tracking allows for better project management, ensuring that deadlines are met, and projects stay within budget.

Stay on top of multiple client projects effortlessly. Real-time tracking ensures deadlines are met, budgets are kept in check, and clients are delighted.


Accurately bill clients

Without proper tracking, billing can be challenging, leading to disputes with clients and delayed payments. Accountant time tracking software ensures precise billing by recording every billable hour, reducing billing disputes and improving cash flow.

Bid farewell to billing disputes and late payments. With our software, billing becomes transparent, reliable, and client-friendly.

How it works

How HiveDesk time tracking software works





Create account. Add projects and employees.

Employees log time using desktop,
Chrome, mobile or web app.

Add leave policies, overtime rate,
and employee schedule.

Use accurate timesheet data for payroll and billing.

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