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Elevate your consulting practice with HiveDesk time tracking

Are your consultants burdened by manual time tracking and timesheets? Are you losing billable time due to manual errors? HiveDesk time tracking software is what you need.

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The best consultants use HiveDesk to track time, generate timesheets and manage client projects.


Accurately track time and activity of consultants

Is your consulting team tracking time manually using a spreadsheet? Are you tired of viewing time tracking as an administrative chore, taking you away from valuable billable work?

By automating time tracing, you save hours that your consultants spend on manual timesheets. You get more accurate timesheets and consultants get to spend more time on billable work.


Manage projects and tasks in efficiently

Manage multiple client projects efficiently with real-time visibility into consultants’ tasks and activities.

Real-time tracking aids in managing multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring deadlines are met and resources are optimized. By tracking time against tasks, you get visibility into which tasks take more time than planned.


Track project cost and manage profitability

Understand how time is spent for cost optimization and improved profitability.

HiveDesk automatically calculates project and task level labor cost along with time spent. With this cost data, you can easily calculate the profitability of each project and client. The data is also useful when estimating cost for suture projects.


Optimize your consultants’ utilization

Allocate consultants effectively based on real-time data to prevent overworking or underutilization.

By using this data wisely, you can optimize consultants’ utilization by assigning them to projects and tasks they are best suited to do.


Bill clients accurately for the work done

Time tracking software ensures accurate billing, reducing disputes and improving cash flow.

Build trust with clients through transparent billing and comprehensive reports of work completed. Get more billable hours from consultants by eliminating the time they spend on manual time tracking.   

How it works







Log into your account.

Add client and projects.

Assing projects and tasks to consultants.

Consultants use the HiveDesk app to track time.

You log into HiveDesk to see and approve timesheets, activities, cost, and other reports.

Use timesheets to bill clients and process payroll. Track cost with consultant cost data from timesheets.

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Transform your consulting business today!

Say hello to productivity, increased billing, and more transparency. Streamline your consulting business with HiveDesk.

Time Tracking

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  • Streamline timesheet and payroll processing
  • Manage overtime, holidays, and paid time off
  • Improve labor compliance
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