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HiveDesk is an automatic time tracker for remote and hybrid teams. Generate automatic timesheets and see how your team spends time across projects & tasks.

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The best businesses empower their employees, boost productivity, and stay on top of their client projects with HiveDesk


Put an end to manual time tracking

Automatic time tracker gives you accurate timesheets and saves time your team spends on manual timesheets. Get visibility into your team’s activities and stay on top of their work with automatic time tracking.

Track time from any device – desktop, mobile, or web browser. You can even track time inside Asana.

  • Tracks time by employees, tasks, projects, and clients
  • Generates accurate timesheets
  • Gives you insights into how your team spends time
  • Streamlines invoicing and payroll


Stay compliant with labor laws

Whether your employees work at your premises, client’s office, or home, you need to keep a record of your employees’ work hours. Almost every country in the world has labor laws that specify how many hours employees can work in a day. There are also rules about overtime payment, weekly offs, and annual vacation days employees must get.

Automatic time tracker helps you stay compliant with labor laws.  

  • Track hours worked by each employee
  • Manage attendance and time-off
  • Stay on top of break time
  • Keep a record of overtime


Bill clients accurately

Without proper time tracking, billing can be challenging, leading to disputes with clients and delayed payments. HiveDesk automatic time tracker ensures precise billing by recording every billable minute but no more, reducing billing disputes and improving cash flow.

  • Say goodbye to invoicing disputes
  • Avoid late payments
  • Ensure billing is transparent and reliable
  • Earn client’s trust


Simplify your payroll processing

Do you struggle to get accurate data for payroll processing? Then you need an automatic time tracker like HiveDesk.

Accurate timesheet data is the first step in simplifying the payroll process for employees and contractors. HiveDesk automatic time tracker collects time your employees spend at work. You can also keep track of time-off and attendance data. With the timesheet approval process, you can review the timesheet for accuracy and completeness before approving for payroll processing.

Finally, the timesheet data can be exported from HiveDesk for payroll software.

  • Review timesheet for accuracy before approving
  • Make accurate payments to employees and contractors
  • Export CSV data export to send data to payroll software

More than just an automatic time tracker

Easily track time, schedule employees, manage tasks, stay on top of projects and increase productivity with HiveDesk

Employee time tracking

Track employee time with our desktop, mobile and browser apps

Task management

Create and assign tasks to employees. Manage task schedule and status.

Project tracking

Track project status, hours spent, and labor cost incurred on the project

Timesheet & Timecard

Get accurate employee timesheets & timecards with approval process

Multi-level access management

Assign manager role to employees with different level access control

Project cost tracking

Track labor cost incurred on each project by adding hourly cost for each employee

Automatic screenshots

Capture periodic screenshots for feedback & monitoring

Workforce Management

Add and remove employees. Manage roles, tasks, attendance and track time.

Customer Testimonials

HiveDesk has helped over 1000 businesses track over 5 million hours in over 100 countries.

We have used every time tracking software under the sun, and they all fall short in some area that we need, but overall HiveDesk has met our needs. Their PDF screen shot reports are clean, easy to use and understand. Our clients prefer them over the complicated reports of other systems.

Lindsey Meadows

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Frequently asked questions

Businesses use automatic time tracker to record how much time employees spend at work. Traditionally, a manual time keeping system was used to record employees’ time.

A modern automatic time tracker like HiveDesk can track how employees’ time and activity. An automatic time tracker is more accurate, easier to use, and saves time by eliminating manual work.

The software generates detailed timesheets that managers can review to ensure compliance, track employee productivity, and find ways to improve operations.

An automatic time tracker helps you understand how your team spends time at work. Timesheets generated by an automatic time tracker app are more accurate than those created manually. You can use the timesheet for payroll processing and client billing. 

Every business needs to keep a record of employee’s time to stay compliant with labor laws. Automatic time tracking ensures that your pay your employees what you owe them and stay compliant with the laws. 

Automatic time tracker improves productivity as employees don’t need to waste time on manual timesheets. 

It’s an essential tool for any business to effectively manage its employees.

  1. Create your free HiveDesk account
  2. Add your employees and assign them roles and tasks

Your employees will get an invitation email to join your HiveDesk account. 

  1. Employees install the HiveDesk app on their computer or mobile devices

HiveDesk time tracker works on all computers, mobile devices, and Chrome browser. Your employees download the appropriate version for their devices.

  1. Start time tracker

Employees start automatic time tracking on their devices by checking in the app when they start their work. To stop tracking, they just check out from the tracker.

  1. Manage your team with reports

Run reports to see timesheets, activity reports and even screenshots in the HiveDesk portal. See which tasks are completed and which ones are pending. Stay on top of time spent and labor cost for each project.

Tracking your daily hours correctly keeps you organized and makes you more productive. But it’s important that you organize the data correctly using the right tools.

The most basic way to keep track of your time is to record all your activities and time manually in a diary. While it may appear to be a simple and quick way to track your daily hours, it’s not very useful since the it’s hard to organize and analyze the data. You will also spend about 10% of your time on recording the data.

The most efficient and cheapest way to keep track of your time is to use an automatic time tracker like HiveDesk. You can record your time with just a mouse click. HiveDesk tracks time by task and project, so your data stays organized and useful.

HiveDesk’s Chrome automatic time tracker app allows you to track time you and your team spends on tasks and projects. It’s super easy to use. Start tracking your time with just one click. Stop recording when you are done.

The tacker stores your data in the cloud. Log into HiveDesk web portal to see detailed reports, timesheets, and other information. 

There are many apps that track how you use time. HiveDesk automatic time tracker is one such popular app.

With HiveDesk, you can automatically track how you spend time at work. It works on all popular platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. All you need to do is sign up, download the app for your device and start tracking time usage.

You can visualize how your team’s time usage with the help of charts and reports in the HiveDesk portal.

Detailed timesheets show you how much time is spent on each task and project so you can identify time sinks and improve you productivity. 

Implementing time tracking in your workflow can greatly benefit your productivity and help you stay organized.

One effective way to start is by choosing an automatic time tracker. Look for features like automatic time tracking, task management, timesheets, and reports.

Once you have selected a tool, take the time to set it up properly. This includes creating clients, projects, and tasks to track your time against. Set hourly rates if necessary.

It’s important to communicate the importance of time tracking to your team or coworkers, ensuring everyone understands the purpose and benefits. Encourage them to use the tool consistently and provide any necessary training or support.

Remember, the success of time tracking relies on its consistent implementation and accurate data.

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