Employee Overtime Tracker

Keep track of overtime hours and pay with HiveDesk overtime tracker. Overtime tracking helps you stay on the right side of overtime wage rules in the US and other coutnries.

Overtime Tracker

How Overtime Tracking Works in HiveDesk?

HiveDesk overtime tracker is easy to use. Follow these steps to start tracking overtime hours:

  • Log in to the HiveDesk web app.
  • Click Settings > General in the left-hand navigation column. 
  • Enable the Enable overtime switch to start overtime tracking.
  • Enter the weekly time limit in the Weekly overtime after field. In most cases, overtime work starts after an employee has worked 40 hours in the week. However this may be different in different countries. Check your local laws if in doubt.
  • Enter Overtime pay rate multiplier applicable in your country. In most parts of the United States, overtime pay is calculated at 1.5 times the normal wage rate. HiveDesk overtime tracker will automatically calculate overtime pay based on the rate you set here and employees’ hourly wage rate.
  • Click the Save button to save your settings.
Tracking overtime hours and pay

That’s it!

You are now ready to start tracking overtime hours and pay with HiveDesk overtime tracker.

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Overtime tracking can be a difficult and time-consuming process for any business. To ensure compliance with labor laws and avoid legal repercussions, companies are required to accurately track their employees’ overtime hours.

The burden of tracking and calculating overtime can be especially challenging for small businesses who may not have the resources to invest in complicated software solutions. Fortunately, digital tools like HiveDesk have made overtime tracking much more manageable. These tools automate the time tracking process and make it effortless to track overtime hours and pay.

A good time tracking software with overtime features helps you stay compliant with all relevant labor laws and regulations. Your employees will also be happy that they are getting the correct overtime wages.


What is overtime work?

Overtime work refers to the hours employees work beyond their regular work schedule. These additional hours are typically compensated at a higher rate than the employees regular hourly wage.

Overtime work is often necessary to meet deadlines, complete projects, or handle unexpected workloads. It is also a way for employees to earn additional income. However, excessive overtime work can lead to burnout, stress, and decreased productivity.

Employers must comply with federal and state laws regarding overtime pay and ensure that overtime work is necessary and compensated fairly.


What is overtime tracker?

Overtime tracker is a tool that enables organizations to accurately monitor and manage employee overtime hours. It automates the process of recording and calculating overtime hours, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Overtime tracker provides managers with real-time insights into employee overtime, enabling them to make informed decisions about scheduling and resource allocation. It simplifies compliance with labor laws and regulations by ensuring that all overtime hours are accurately recorded and compensated.

Overtime tracker is an essential tool for organizations that want to optimize their workforce management and ensure compliance with labor laws.



How to calculate overtime pay?

Calculating overtime hours accurately is crucial for both employees and employers. To determine overtime hours, it is important to understand the laws and regulations set by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The FLSA requires employers to pay non-exempt employees 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for any hours worked over 40 in a workweek.
To calculate overtime, start by determining the employee’s regular rate of pay for the workweek. Then, multiply the regular rate of pay by 1.5 for any hours worked over 40.

An overtime tracking software like HiveDeskor tracks time and pay accurately and ensures that employees are being paid in accordance with the law and their workplace policies.


Why overtime tracking is important?

Overtime tracking is a critical aspect of any organization’s payroll management system. It allows employers to keep track of the time worked by their employees beyond the normal working hours, ensuring that they are compensated accordingly.

Accurate overtime tracking helps organizations in complying with labor laws and regulations, avoiding potential lawsuits, and maintaining a fair and equitable workplace.

It helps in identifying employee productivity and workload management, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and productivity. By implementing a robust overtime tracking software, organizations can save time and money while ensuring compliance with legal requirements and promoting employee satisfaction.


Generating timesheets and payroll

An overtime tracker generates automatic timesheets that help in creating accurate payroll reports. Automatic timesheet reports the number of hours worked by each employee during the reporting period.

You use the timesheet report to calculate regular and overtime pay and generate payroll. It also provides an easy way to generate reports on labor costs, so employers can accurately calculate their labor budget.

Some overtime tracking software can even generate the payroll documents such as pay stubs and W-2s. This feature helps you save time and money by reducing the need for manual payroll processing.

Reporting for compliance

Tracking overtime is important for staying compliant with the labor laws, as you can demonstrate that you’re paying employees for actual hours worked. You need to comply with the US has federal and state laws for minimum wage laws.

Most state and the federal laws require employers to keep track of worker’s time. The European Union also requires that all employers must track employee time accurately and pay them fairly.

Automatic timesheets created by a time tracker are an important compliance tool. By tracking overtime hours, attendance and leaves using a software, employers can show that they are complaint with all relevant laws.

Since all data is collected automatically and saved in the software, it simplifies record keeping.

Analyzing employee overtime trends

Analyzing employee overtime trends is an important part of managing overtime work. With the help of this tool, you can easily identify any significant changes in the amount of overtime hours worked by employees.

This helps to identify potential problem areas, and it can also help you to identify potential opportunities for cost savings. It can also provide insight into which employees are most productive and help to ensure that employees are not working excessive hours.

By keeping an eye on overtime trends, the overtime tracker can help ensure that your staff is working efficiently and that you are getting the most out of your resources.

Overall, an overtime tracker app is a great tool to help employers manage overtime hours and keep everyone on the same page. The app provides a streamlined system to track, manage, and pay overtime accurately, so that employers and employees can both benefit.

With the right app, employers can ensure that their staff are not overworked and that overtime hours are tracked and accounted for. The overtime tracker app gives employers a clear picture of how and when overtime is being used, helping them to make better decisions and more efficient use of their time.

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