Ecommerce Time Tracking

Efficient time and activity tracking for Ecommerce

Ecommerce companies use HiveDesk time tracking to improve efficiency of back-office and customer service operations, accurate payroll processing, and improving productivity.

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Ecommerce Time Tracking
The best ecommerce businesses use HiveDesk to track time, become efficient and become more profitable.
ecommerce time tracking software


Accurately track time and activity

Struggling to understand how your employees spend time at work?

Ecommerce companies use time tracking to record the working hours and attendance of back-office and customer service employees. Activity tracking gives visibility into what these employees do at work. Together, time and activity tracking helps you monitor the productivity of your back-office employees.


Optimally schedule customer service agents

Customer service teams work in shifts and require a certain number of agents to provide coverage for expected call volumes. Sub-optimal coverage leads to either long wait times for customers or agents wasting their time.

The agent scheduler in HiveDesk lets Ecommerce companies create custom shifts and agent schedules that suit your company’s needs.  

Employee scheduling for ecommerce companies
Get accurate payroll data with ecommerce time tracking


Capture accurate and verified payroll data

Accurate timesheet data is needed for processing employee and contractor payroll. HiveDesk automatically collects time your employees spend at work. Time-off and attendance data are combined with tracked time to generate accurate timesheets.

The timesheet approval process enables managers to review timesheets for accuracy and completeness before approving them. Finally, the time sheet data can be exported from HiveDesk for payroll software.

Time tracking data is used by payroll systems to calculate salaries and wages. It helps in accurately compensating back office employees based on their working hours, overtime, and leave.


Workload management

Back-office staff in Ecommerce companies handle multiple tasks, from data entry to administrative work. By creating and assigning tasks to each employee, you can ensure that they know what’s expected of them.

HiveDesk tracks time at the task level, providing detailed information to managers about how much time each employee spends on various tasks. This information allows managers to allocate tasks effectively, ensuring that the right employees are working on the right tasks at the right time.

Task status and time tracking for ecommerce
Simplify labor compliance with ecommerce time tracking


Stay compliant with labor laws

Ecommerce companies can employ people across states and countries. Every country and state has its own labor laws that businesses need to comply with.

Time tracking can provide legal protection by demonstrating compliance with regulations and service agreements. By tracking attendance, hours worked, time off and adherence to schedule, you can ensure that you stay compliant with applicable labor laws. 

How it works

How HiveDesk time tracking software works





Create account. Add projects and employees.

Employees log time using desktop,
Chrome, mobile or web app.

Add leave policies, overtime rate,
and employee schedule.

Use accurate timesheet data for payroll and billing.

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