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HiveDesk is a popular work hours tracker. It’s perfect for businesses such as marketing agencies, software developers, BPO, attorneys and ecommerce. Stay on top of hours worked by your employees and see how your team spends time at work.

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Track your work hours automatically

HiveDesk tracks work hours automatically giving you accurate data about how your employees spend time at work. Take control of your time and unlock the power of time tracking for your business to boost productivity and profits.

HiveDesk work hours tracker works across devices – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can also use it as a Chrome extension to track time on the web.

Tracking hours with HiveDesk is easy:

  • Track hours by employees, tasks, projects, and clients
  • Generate accurate timesheets
  • Get visibility into how your team spends time


Simplify compliance with labor laws

Whether your employees work from your premises, client’s office, or homes, it’s your responsibility to comply with labor laws.

Most countries have strict rules about how many hours employees can work in a day. There are also rules about overtime payment, weekly offs, and annual vacation days employees must get. Staying on top of all these issues can be challenging.

HiveDesk time tracking provides everything you need to stay compliant.

  • Track hours worked by each employee
  • Manage attendance and time-off
  • Stay on top of break time
  • Keep a record of overtime


Bill clients accurately to build trust

Inaccurate billing is the easiest and fastest way to lose a client’s trust. It leads to disputes, lost billings and delayed payments. Work hours tracker gives you accurate timesheets so you can bill our clients confidently and accurately.

The software ensures precise billing by recording every billable hour, reducing billing disputes and improving cash flow.

  • Build trust with clients
  • Get paid faster
  • Improve your cash flow


Streamline payroll, pay employees on time and accurately

Accurate work hours data streamlines payroll processing. HiveDesk automatically records hours your employees spend at work. It combines time-off and attendance data with tracked time to generate accurate timesheets.

The timesheet approval process enables managers to review the timesheet for accuracy and completeness before approving for payroll processing. Once approved, you can export the time sheet data for use in payroll software.

  • Ensure timesheet accuracy with the approval process
  • Pay employees correctly and on time
  • Export data for use in payroll software

More than just a work hours tracker

Easily track time, schedule employees, manage tasks, stay on top of projects and increase productivity with HiveDesk

Employee time tracking

Track employee time with our desktop, mobile and browser apps

Task management

Create and assign tasks to employees. Manage task schedule and status.

Project tracking

Track project status, hours spent, and labor cost incurred on the project

Timesheet & Timecard

Get accurate employee timesheets & timecards with approval process

Multi-level access management

Assign manager role to employees with different level access control

Project cost tracking

Track labor cost incurred on each project by adding hourly cost for each employee

Automatic screenshots

Capture periodic screenshots for feedback & monitoring

Workforce Management

Add and remove employees. Manage roles, tasks, attendance and track time.

Customer Testimonials

HiveDesk has helped over 1000 businesses track over 5 million hours in over 100 countries.

We have used every time tracking software under the sun, and they all fall short in some area that we need, but overall HiveDesk has met our needs. Their PDF screen shot reports are clean, easy to use and understand. Our clients prefer them over the complicated reports of other systems.

Lindsey Meadows

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Frequently asked questions

Work hours tracker is a software application that keeps a record of hours worked by your employees. It runs on your employees’ computers or mobile devices and automatically logs time into a central server for you to generate reports.

Work hours tracker helps you understand how your employees spend time at work. You can see how many hours are spent on each project and task. You can calculate regular and overtime pay for your employees and pay them correct wages.

By adding an hourly rate for your employees, you can also see the labor cost for each of your projects. It helps you calculate project and company profitability.

A work hours tracker ensures that you are stay compliant with labor laws. Most countries require businesses to keep a record of hours worked by employees. All states have overtime laws that require businesses to keep a detailed timesheet showing daily hours worked by each employee. 

Maintaining this record manually is time consuming, error-prone, and costly. A work hours tracker app is the perfect solution for meeting regulatory requirements.

The software provides additional insights into your business operations that help you become more efficient. Accurate timesheets make it easy to generate payroll data and track labor cost. Overtime data helps you improve your employee scheduling and project planning. 

Insights provided by tracked activities help you make your operations more productive.

When evaluating a work hours tracker, you should consider features that increase productivity and efficiency.

The most important feature to look for in a tracker is automated time tracking. It eliminates the need for manual entry and accurately records the time spent on different tasks or projects.

A work hours tracker should provide detailed reports and analytics to help you analyze your productivity patterns and make more informed decisions.

Integration with related tools such as project management software allows the tracker to synchronize data with those tools, ensuring seamless workflow management.

Consider a tracker that offers customization options, enabling you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.

Finally, prioritize a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and minimizes the learning curve, ensuring a smooth experience for both individuals and teams.

A work hours tracker can be a valuable tool for various types of businesses, helping them streamline their operations and improve productivity.

One category of businesses that greatly benefit from using a work hours tracker is service-based industries, such as consulting firms, law firms, and marketing agencies. These businesses often bill their clients based on the amount of time spent on projects or tasks. By using a work hours tracker, they can accurately track and record the time spent by each team member, ensuring that clients are billed correctly and that resources are allocated efficiently.

Additionally, businesses in industries that require shift-based scheduling, such as healthcare facilities, restaurants, and retail stores, can benefit from a work hours tracker to effectively manage employee schedules and monitor attendance. This allows them to optimize staffing levels, reduce scheduling conflicts, and ensure that employees are compensated properly for their hours worked.

A work hours tracker can be a valuable asset for businesses of various sizes and industries, providing them with more control over their workforce and enhancing operational efficiency.

HiveDesk work hours tracker integrates with Aasna project management software. This integration allows you to easily track the time spent on specific tasks and projects, allowing for more accurate project planning and resource allocation.

One effective way to enhance employee productivity is by utilizing work hours tracker software. This software allows employers to accurately monitor and manage their employees’ work hours, which in turn can lead to increased efficiency and output.

By tracking how employees allocate their time throughout the workday, employers can identify any potential areas of improvement, such as excessive time spent on non-essential tasks or inefficient work habits. With this insight, employers can implement strategies to optimize productivity, whether it involves reallocating resources, providing additional training, or streamlining processes.

The use of work hours tracker software empowers employers to make data-driven decisions that can positively impact their workforce’s productivity.

Certainly! HiveDesk has apps for both iOS and Android phones. Your employees can track hours by downloading the HiveDesk app from the app store. Mobile apps can also record employee location using the GPS feature.  

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