Time tracking for staffing companies

Maximize billable hours and profitability with HiveDesk time tracking app for staffing companies. Get accurate timesheets, activity reports and cost tracking.


Improve your billing process

HiveDesk is the best and most affordable time tracking software for staffing companies. It works on all operating systems your clients and teams use – Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Get accurate timesheets to bill your clients, save employees’ time spent on filling timesheets and improve your billing process. Track billable amount effortlessly. Back up your invoices with activity reports and screenshots.

Accurate time tracking can help you recover up to 10% more revenue by saving time spent on filling timesheets and recovering missed hours.

HiveDesk eliminates time and errors associated with manual timesheets. It improves the employee experience and gives you reliable timesheet data for invoicing clients.

Simplify staffing company time tracking

HiveDesk simplifies time tracking for staffing companies. Whether the employees work in your office, client’s office or remotely, HiveDesk has you covered.

Say goodbye to manually collecting timesheet data from multiple forms and sources for payroll and invoicing. Automated timesheets make invoicing and payroll process super easy and painless.

Log into your dashboard to see how much time was logged by each employee and for each project/client.

Track billable amount by adding hourly rate for employees. No more guessing about how much you’ve earned so you can better manage your finances.

Create accurate client invoices, fast

Accurate invoices are critical to building trust and maintaining profitability of your staffing business. Automatic time tracking ensures accurate timesheets and invoices for your clients.

Just run timesheet report for the project and use it to create your invoices. No more last-minute rush to collect billable time from your team members.

Back up invoices with screenshots

HiveDesk can take screenshots of employees’ computer at regular intervals. In case of a dispute or question about the timesheet, use the screenshots to prove that employee was doing client’s work.

Screenshots are also great for training and providing feedback.

If an employee is less productive or is making more errors, you can review the screenshots to understand what he is doing wrong. You can provide targeted feedback to increase his productivity and quality.

You can also review the screenshots of your star performers to see what they do differently and use the insight to help others become better.

See activity levels of employees

See which employees are working actively in the Activity reports. HiveDesk monitors when employees are using a keyboard and mouse on the computer. High levels of activity correlate to higher productivity for many roles and can be used to measure their productivity.

Invite members to join

Pick who you want to join each and every project

Set default rate

Set your own default rate paid for each member

Team time tracking

Track the time your remote employees spend on projects

Project tracking

Create unlimited projects as needed and add tasks

Try HiveDesk free for 14 days. You don’t need a credit card for the free trial.

Download Employee Attendance Sheet Template in Excel

Download the free Excel Employee Attendance Sheet Template

Download Employee Work Schedule Template in Excel

Download the free Excel Employee Work Schedule Template

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