GPS Time Clock and Time Tracking App

HiveDesk GPS time clock with time tracking is the best app for field employees. Stay on top of your employees’ location and work.

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GPS time clock

A GPS time tracking app — HiveDesk

HiveDesk is a time tracking app with a GPS tracker. It shows detailed reports about hours worked by your team and their location of work. The time tracker works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android devices. The GPS time clock works only on the mobile devices.

Using the time tracking feature is easy:

  • Employees start the timer and select their project when they start working
  • Timer runs in the background to collect time and activity information
  • The desktop/mobile app logs this information on the HiveDesk server for reporting and analysis

GPS tracking for location

HiveDesk mobile app (iPhone and Android) record your employees’ location along with time. This means you can see if your crew is working at the intended location or not.

GPS tracker is super useful for field staff who are scheduled to work at different locations throughout the day. The tracker provides both employees and the employer proof of work at the assigned location. It’s also useful for staying on top of your field crew and updating client in case of a delay.

The best way to use the GPS time clock feature

Your employees can start using the HiveDesk GPS time clock feature by following these steps:
  1. Download the mobile app from the app store for iPhone and Android
  2. Log in with your HiveDesk user id and password
  3. Start the clock when you start work at the assigned location
  4. Stop the clock when you’re done working at the site
Once they start logging time with the GPS tracker, you can see their time log with location in the HiveDesk portal in the Member Activity report.

Time reporting system features


Get an overview of how your team spends time at work. The dashboard shows you active projects, how many hours were logged for each, the status of project tasks and who is working on each project.

You also see upcoming tasks, their status and who is working on those tasks.

Time Reporting Dashboard

Summary timesheet report

Analyze the tracked data for your team by using filters. You can analyze the data by Team, Project and Date.

Summarized employee timesheet report

Detailed timesheet report

Detailed timesheet shows time logged by each member of your team. It shows all worksessions logged every day along with Active and Inactive time.

Detailed employee timesheet report

GPS time reporting is critical for teams that work outdoors or at customer locations. It gives a real-time update on how long each member of the team has been working at any location. 

It brings transparency and accountability to field staff and makes sure that your customers are getting the service they signed up for. Keeping track of your employees’ location with GPS tracker makes sure that you invoice your customers and pay your employees correctly for the work done. 

Join 2000+ happy customers who have tracked over 4,000,000 hours with HiveDesk.