Call Center Time Tracking

Supercharge your call center’s efficiency and agents’ performance

Are manual time entries, agent scheduling and leave tracking holding your call center back? HiveDesk Time Tracking Software can transform your business.

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The best call centers use HiveDesk to track time, become efficient and become more profitable.


Accurately track time of call center agents

Struggling to accurately track time of your call center agents?

Call centers need to keep track of time agents spend on handling calls. Logging time manually is inaccurate and cumbersome. HiveDesk automates time tracking for call center agents, resulting in accurate timesheets and attendance tracking.


Schedule agents for optimal coverage and utilisation

Call centers work in shifts and require a certain number of agents to provide coverage for expected call volumes. Fewer agents will result in long wait times for customers while having more agents results in agents wasting their time.

The agent scheduler in HiveDesk lets you create custom shifts and agent schedules that suit your call center’s needs.  


Improve agent performance

Promote agent growth with fair performance assessments, leading to targeted coaching and improvement.

Time tracking gives you objective data on your agents’ attendance, adherence to schedule, and time spent working on calls. Use the data to identify your best performing agents and the ones needing improvement.


Bill clients accurately

Bill clients with confidence with accurate timesheets from time tracking data.

Since HiveDesk tracks time automatically, you can rest assured that the timesheets are 100% accurate. Bill clients with confidence, avoid billing disputes, and improve cash flow with HiveDesk time tracking software.


Stay compliant with labor laws

Call centers in many countries need to comply with strict labor laws.

Accurate time tracking can provide legal protection by demonstrating compliance with regulations and service agreements. By tracking attendance, hours worked, time off and adherence to schedule, you can ensure that you stay compliant with applicable labor laws. 

How it works







Log into your account.

Add client and projects.

Add agents to projects.

Agents install the HiveDesk app on their computer and start tracking time.

You log into HiveDesk to see and approve timesheets, activities, cost, and other reports.

Use timesheets to bill clients and process payroll. Track cost with agent cost data from timesheets.

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Say hello to productivity, accuracy, and profitable growth. Streamline your call center operations with HiveDesk.

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