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Invite Members to Join Your Project

Start Employee Time Tracking

Set Up Screenshot Frequency

Create as Many Projects as Needed

Review Your Remote Employees Time

Automatic Inactivity Checkout

Generate Activity Reports and Graphs

Time Tracking Only Starts After Check-In

Automatic Time Tracking

Automatically track time your work from home and remote employees spend on your projects with HiveDesk client app. It works on all desktop platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux.

Automatic Time Tracking
Automatic Online Timesheets

Automatic Online Timesheets

Automatically generate online timesheets from time logged by your employees. No more lost billing hours due to manual timesheet errors. No more wasting hours preparing timesheets manually. Your team will love the ease of using the software. You will recover lost revenue and save money.

Project Tracking

Create as many projects as needed and add tasks to projects. Assign employees to work on different projects. Track how much time is spent on each project, which tasks have been completed and which ones are behind schedule.

HiveDesk Project Tracking
HiveDesk Activity Monitori

Activity Monitoring

Monitor output with activity report. Measure both active and inactive time for each team member. Increase accountability by tracking productive and non-productive time spent on your projects.

Automatic Screenshots

Take screenshots of your employee’s computer at random intervals. Use the screenshots to verify their work, backup timesheets and build trust with clients. Use screenshots to provide feedback and improve productivity of your work from home and remote employees.

HiveDesk Automatic Screenshots