Go Beyond Conventional task and project management

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Invite Members to Join Your Project

Start Team Member Time Tracking

Set Up Screenshot Frequency

Create as Many Projects as Needed

Review Your Remote Workers Time

Automatic Inactivity Checkout

Generate Activity Reports and Graphs

Review and Edit Employee Time as Needed

Time Tracking Only Starts After Check In

Set Default Rate Paid for Each Member

HiveDesk makes remote team collaboration easier.

A powerful and simple-to-use project management tool to manage your team and tasks.

Create Your Projects

  • Create as many projects as needed.
  • Set up how frequently screenshots are taken or turn them off entirely.
  • Establish project priorities, and start tracking time!

Invite Your Team

  • Invite team members to join your project(s) and start tracking their time.
  • Assign project managers, create tasks, and change user permissions!

Track Their Time

  • Review your remote workers’ logged time and productivity.
  • View and generate reports and graphs of their activity.
  • Review and edit employee time, and more!
  • Have the option to set an inactive/auto-logout time.
  • Remote workers have peace of mind knowing that productivity and time are not tracked unless they are checked into a project.