Attorney time tracking software

Track attorney’s time, generate timesheets and invoice amount.

Attorney Time Tracking

Easy Time Tracking for Attorneys

Are your attorneys  spending Friday afternoons trying to remember what they did in the week to fill their timesheets? You need an automatic time tracking software.

In fact, a timekeeping software could be the best technology investment for your law firm. It takes 3-5% of a lawyer’s time to fill a timesheet. That’s time they should be spending on billable work. Attorneys may also forget to report some client work on their timesheet. Together, you may be losing up to 10% of your billable time every month.

Compare that to $5 / lawyer for HiveDesk and it’s a no-brainer why you should sign up today!

lawyers Track time to save money

Accurate Project Cost Tracking

Your law firm probably has different rates for each attorney. In HiveDesk, you can enter hourly rate for each lawyer in your firm. This makes it super easy for you to track not just time but also the cost incurred in serving your clients. Over time, you will develop a good baseline for estimating time and cost for future projects. HiveDesk is not just about tracking time of your attorneys.

Spend Time Managing Business, Not Tracking Time

HiveDesk is super easy to use:

  • Sign up for your 15-day free trial
  • Ask every lawyer in your firm to install the client software
  • Lawyers start the client software when they work on a project
  • HiveDesk client will automatically track time and log it in the server for you to see

With time tracking on autopilot, you can focus on managing clients, growing business and increasing profit instead of worrying about how your team is reporting time.

Excellent Solution to Maximize Law Firm Profitability

Time entries logged by time tracking software are accurate and effortless. Your attorneys can track time with just one click saving them time they spend on client work. They need not remember anything to track time since the software does it for them. While not a practice management software, HiveDesk can help you maximize your firm’s profitability by recovering up to 10% of work hours every month. Your attorneys will become more productive and your billing will go up just by tracking time automatically.

Invite members to join

Pick who you want to join each and every project

Set default rate

Set your own default rate paid for each member

Team time tracking

Track the time your remote employees spend on projects

Project tracking

Create unlimited projects as needed and add tasks

Choose a plan that best fits your team

Join 2000+ happy users who have tracked over 3 million hours of employee time with HiveDesk.

5 User plan

$ 25 per month
  • 5 Users and Managers + 1 Account Owner/ Admin

10 User plan

$ 50 per month
  • 10 Users and Managers + 1 Account Owner/ Admin

20 User plan

$ 100 per month
  • 20 Users and Managers + 1 Account Owner/ Admin

50 User plan

$ 250 per month
  • 50 Users and Managers + 1 Account Owner/ Admin

100 User plan

$ 500 per month
  • 100 Users and Managers + 1 Account Owner/ Admin

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