Everything you want to know about employee attendance tracking

Employee Attendance Tracking

In this post, we discuss all aspects of employee attendance tracking – what is it, how to do it, and common issues about employee attendance. 5 min read On this page Employee attendance tracking is an important aspect of any organization’s operations. It is the measure of an employee’s commitment and dedication towards their job, […]

How to measure employee productivity with HiveDesk

Measuring employee productivity

Track employee tasks, time, activities and cost. Measure employee productivity to improve the performance of  your business. 4min read On this page Follow these steps to measure employee productivity with HiveDesk: Create your free account to get started. Add employees to your team. Create and assign tasks. Your employees install the HiveDesk app and start […]

How to Do Employee Shift Scheduling with HiveDesk

Employee shift scheduling software

Employee scheduling in HiveDesk time tracking software empowers you to manage employee shifts, holidays, and overtime while staying on top of work done and hours worked. 4 min read On this page Many of our customers use employee scheduling software and have been asking us to add it as a feature in HiveDesk. We released […]

Asana Time Tracking Integration for Managing Tasks and Projects

Track time inside Asana tasks

Unlock the full potential of your project management with Asana Time Tracking integration. Learn how to seamlessly track and manage time directly within Asana, boosting productivity and ensuring accurate project tracking. 4 min read On this page You’ve been asking for Asana time tracking integration and we’ve listened. You can now track time directly inside […]

Timesheet Approval Process in HiveDesk

Timesheet approval process

Timesheet approval workflow is a powerful feature that helps you to improve timesheet management, payroll, and billing processes.  4 min read On this page Hivedesk now has a timesheet approval process to make sure that weekly timesheets only have approved tasks and activities. Follow these steps to use the timesheet approval workflow: Log in to […]

How to track time spent on tasks with HiveDesk

Task time tracking software

Task time tracking is a powerful feature that empowers you to track your team’s work hours, set goals, and monitor progress. 4 min read On this page Now you can track time spent on each task with the HiveDesk time tracking software. Follow these steps to use the task time tracking feature: Log in to […]

Gusto vs QuickBooks

Time Doctor vs Hubstaff

Which is the better payroll software for you? 8 min read On this page Gusto vs QuickBooks. A feature by feature comparison of two of the most popular payroll tools in the market.  Gusto and Intuit QuickBooks are two of the most popular payroll providers. Gusto is focused on HR solutions like payroll, benefits, time […]

Hybrid Work Model

Hybrid Work Model

Read the pros and cons of a hybrid work model and how to make it work in your organization.

Download Employee Attendance Sheet Template in Excel

Download the free Excel Employee Attendance Sheet Template

Download Employee Work Schedule Template in Excel

Download the free Excel Employee Work Schedule Template

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