Your Remote Workforce Works Hard…And Wants You To Know

One of our most recent HiveDesk customers is a remote worker who is using HiveDesk software to show her boss how hard she is working. This is more common than you might think with workers who can’t just walk down the hall for a “Check In” with their boss.

Employees in a remote workforce sometimes feel added pressure to demonstrate their value because of their physical absence.

In a recent blog post entitled “What Remote Workers Wish Their Bosses Knew” author Sanya Weathers writes about the two main things that members of a remote workforce want the folks managing them to know, which are:

1.  A remote workforce works harder because you’re not there looking over them

2.  It’s the responsibility of both workers and managers to communicate

We couldn’t agree more. Communication is especially important for a remote workforce because it’s necessary when you’re not in regular staff meetings or having one-on-one meetings with your manager to understand if there are any problems with the work you are doing, if you’re doing a great job, or just to check in.

Tools like HiveDesk, instant messaging, e-mail, video conferencing, and phone calls make a remote workforce more effective. And, both managers and employees all want to see a job done right.