What To Look For When Hiring Remote Workers

Based on our experience in outsourcing, we find that it helps to look for the following traits when hiring remote workers:

Time Management Skills – because your employees will be working without your direct supervision, they need to be able to demonstrate that they can manage themselves in order to complete the work you are giving them on deadline.

Ability to Take Initiative (And Ask Questions Too) – chances are that your workers will be working at different times than you.  You want to know that they’re not holding up work while they are waiting for instructions from you. At the same time, if they aren’t sure what to do, you’d rather have them stop and ask the right questions rather than waste 12 hours that you’re paying for working on the wrong assignment.

Goal Orientation – Make sure each member of your remote team understands your overall goal and how their work feeds into achieving it.  This will help them to work better with each other and you.

Reliable Results – you need to know that you can trust your workers to produce consistent and reliable results.  Look at examples of past work that they’ve done and ask how they did it. Make reference calls yourself to their former employers to ask about their work quality and ability to hit deadlines.

Hiring remote workers is challenging. 

Do the work upfront to ensure that you are hiring remote workers that are a good fit for your particular projects. If work quality is not where you need it to be, handle it immediately. Give constructive criticism with examples of what is wrong and how to improve it. Hiring remote workers can provide countless benefits if done properly. Start realizing those benefits today!

Bring transparency and accountability.
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