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Online Time Reporting System

Online Time Reporting System

HiveDesk’s time reporting shows you how your team spends time at work. You can use the data for payroll and client billing.

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What is a time report system?

Time reporting is an essential part of the business world, whether it is for payroll or for tracking specific tasks. It is a crucial part of any business’ operations. Accurate time reporting ensures that employees are properly paid for their time and efforts.

Manual time tracking is cumbersome and tedious. A time reporting system like HiveDesk automates and streamlines the process.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, time reporting software makes the process easier and more accurate.

HiveDesk is an easy-to-use employee timesheet app that works on your desktop, mobile phone or in the browser. It records time using an automated timer.

You can see the tracked time in timesheet and other periodic reports. You can analyze this data to improve operations and measure employee productivity.

Recording working hours

All employees should record working hours. It ensures that you pay employees accurately and on time. You can track productivity and bill clients with this data. Above all, it keeps the business compliant with labor laws.

HiveDesk is an online time reporting app that works on any device your employees use. Using Hivedesk is easy:

  • Employee logs in to the app
  • Selects their project
  • Clicks the Start recording button to start tracking time
  • Clicks the Stop button when the work is over

The app records time on the server. You log into the portal to see the timesheet and reports. HiveDesk shows you:

  • Who worked on what days and for how long?
  • Which tasks the employee worked on?
  • On which days the employee did not work?
  • How much you owe to the employee?
  • How many hours you can bill to the client?

Time reporting system features


Get an overview of how your team spends time at work. The dashboard shows you active projects, how many hours were logged for each, the status of project tasks and who is working on each project.

You also see upcoming tasks, their status and who is working on those tasks.

Summary timesheet report

Analyze the tracked data for your team by using filters. You can analyze the data by Team, Project and Date.

Detailed timesheet report

Detailed timesheet shows time logged by each member of your team. It shows all worksessions logged every day along with Active and Inactive time.

Project Status

See project status at a glance, such as hours tracked, status of tasks and team members.

Team Status

See status of team members, such as how many open tasks are assigned to each employee and how long the person has worked.

Time reporting is an important part of business operations, both for tracking employee performance and for billing clients.

It is important for businesses to have an effective, accurate, and efficient time reporting system to ensure accurate records and maximize productivity.

By using the right tools and strategies, businesses can make sure that their time reporting system is up to the task.

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