User Guide for Team Members

Once you have been added to a new/existing project by your manager, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to join the project.

To accept or decline the project invitation, you will need to login to your HiveDesk account.

Click on the Login button in the notification email or visit the Sign In page.

If you don’t have an account, click on the Register link.

Provide your details, such as First Name, Last Name, Email, Password and Time Zone. Click on Register button for registration

If you are belong to more than one team. You will get team selection option after login. Select the team you wish to access from the drop-down list and click Continue. If you want to make selected team as your default team when you login, please check the checkbox Make this team my default. You can change this setting any time by going to My Account -> My Teams.

Whenever there is a privacy policy change, you will get the privacy policy acceptance notification after login process. Agree to the terms and privacy policy by checking the box, and click on the Continue button.

As a Team Member, you can accept the request from your project creator by clicking on the Accept button from My Projects page. After accepting, you will be a team member of this project.

Download the HiveDesk client software.

To install the HiveDesk client, please follow the simple installation instructions provided.

Login to HiveDesk using your account.

In HiveDesk window, select the project you wish to work on and click the Check In button in order to start logging time.

Once the team member has checked in, screenshots will begin randomly at intervals designated by the employer.

Desktop software for monitoring for remote employees

In the HiveDesk Client, select the tasks as they are completed.

Be sure to click the Check Out button when you are done working on that project. Also, ensure that you click File and Logout ( File->Logout) each time you check out so that the employer’s updates take effect.

My Projects

Using the same HiveDesk account credentials that you use to log into the HiveDesk client software, log into your account at

Click on the My Projects tab to view current projects and accept new projects. You can click on specific project names to view details of that project, work session details, including specific tasks and who else is working on the same project.

If you are a manager, you can view and manage all the projects that have been assigned by your administrator.


At the top of the page that comes up when you click the Reports tab are the Timesheet Reports. This enables you to select a project, choose a set of dates, choose whether or not to include notes, and choose how to receive the timesheet.

You can also choose to view a chart by selecting a team member and range of dates. This produces a chart that is displayed with a number of hours and activity level on the vertical axis and dates on the horizontal axis.


The Account section allows you to edit your profile, change your password, etc.


This page is displaying profile details and allows you to edit your existing information like name, email, address, profile image, timezone etc. .


Change Password section allows you to change your existing password.


What information will my employer receive from my computer?

Employers will receive screenshots taken randomly by HiveDesk in timed intervals at their discretion. The employer will also get activity ratings from HiveDesk as well as information about tasks marked as completed.

Will I be able to view this information as well?

Team Members are able to see the information online that is available to the employer. This can be done after logging in on the HiveDesk website by clicking the My Projects tab and clicking on the name of a particular project in order to view the work completed on that project.

Can I delete these screenshots?

The employer can enable a feature to let team members delete screenshots, but this can only happen before the screenshot is sent. There is a 15-second timer for the team member to delete that particular screenshot.

What other features are available for team members?

Team members can generate timesheets and work session charts online using the Reports tab.

What types of reports can be generated?

HiveDesk can generate Timesheet Reports, Daily Work Summaries, Weekly Work Summaries, Bi-weekly Work Summaries, and Screenshot reports.

How do I view new tasks set by my employer?

Team members must log out and log back into the HiveDesk Desktop Client in order to view new tasks and projects set by the employer. New projects can be viewed and accepted in the My Projects tab in the web application.

How do I install the HiveDesk Client?

The HiveDesk Client can be downloaded from

How do I run the HiveDesk Client?

On Windows, after the installation of the HiveDesk Client, you will see an icon with the HiveDesk Logo on the Desktop. Select and double-click on this icon and the client will be launched.

On Linux, execute the launch.jnlp file using the installed java wrapper.

On Macs, you will see the HiveDesk Client in your Applications folder; click to launch it.

Do I need an account to use the HiveDesk Client?

Yes, you need a HiveDesk account in order to login to the HiveDesk Client. You can sign up for an account by clicking the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the page or clicking the Create a new account button on the login page.

What does the color of the notes column in the HiveDesk Client mean?

Red means the Project Note is new, Gray means no Project Note has been provided, Black means the Project Note has already been read.

Do account owners/ administrators count as team members?

Administrators do not count towards the team member limit.