Free Attorney Timesheet Templates

Download our free attorney timesheet templates for tracking time by clients and projects.

Do you need an easy-to-use free attorney timesheet template in MS-Excel? We’ve got you covered.

Law firms and attorneys work on several client projects at the same time. Most lawyers bill their clients by the hour. So it’s critical for attorneys to track their time using a time tracking software for attorneys.

But if you’re not ready to spend on a software, you can use our free timesheet template for attorneys. It’s in Excel so your lawyers and para-legals don’t need any training to start using it.

This is a weekly timesheet template, but you can easily add additional rows to make it a bi-weekly or monthly timesheet. It has the option to record time by clients/projects so you can stay on top of time spent by your team on different clients and projects.

This timesheet template makes it easy for law firms and attorneys to bill their clients accurately.

What does an Attorney Timesheet Template include?

The attorney timesheet Excel template is a spreadsheet for recording how much time is spent on different clients and projects. With an Excel timesheet, you can stay on top of billable and non-billable time, see which lawyers/para-legals are productive, and bill your clients accurately.

This timesheet template has:

  • A header section for lawyer’s/para-legal’s name, reporting manager’s name, and hourly billing rate of the attorney/staff
  • Start and end dates for the timesheet period
  • Columns for date, weekday, client/projects, start & end time for each day
  • A column for regular hours the lawyer/para-legal is expected to work each day
  • Columns for recording overtime hours, total hours worked and amount earned
  • Place for employee and manager signatures

The timesheet template has formulas for calculating daily amount, total hours/overtime hours worked in the week/reporting period and total amount earned.

This template is totally customizable. You can add more rows to it to convert it from weekly to bi-weekly or monthly timesheet template.

Want something better for tracking time at your law firm?

Even though the free timesheet template helps you keep time at your law firm, it’s not the most efficient option. Manual time sheets are error prone and take a lot of time to fill out, approve, and manage. It takes a lot of time to collect time information from every attorney’s timesheet to create client invoices and process payroll.

A much better option is to use HiveDesk automatic time tracking software for attorneys. Your team just checks in at the start of the work and checks out at the end of the day. The software automates time tracking and timesheet approval.

You get an accurate timesheet generated automatically by the system so you can bill your clients with confidence.

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