Architect time tracking and timesheet software

Easy-to-use time tracker for architects and architecture firms to track billable hours, project, cost, and tasks. See which projects are profitable and which ones are losing money.

Architect time tracking

What's the purpose of architect time tracking?

Architects and architecture firms work on projects across multiple clients. Some of these are fixed-price projects while others are billed by the hour. But whatever may be the project billing structure, architecture firms need to track the time of architects.

Labor cost is the most significant direct cost for an architect or architecture firm. So, it makes sense for architects to track the time of their employees.

Architect time tracking gives you insights into your processes and people. By tracking time correctly, you get to see how your people spend time and how your processes help or hinder the efficiency of your firm.

Many architecture firms track time just to monitor employees’ work hours and for paying them. But they can get significant business benefits from a timesheet software that go beyond the basic operational needs.

Some architects believe that they should use a time tracking software only if they bill clients by the hour. But that’s a wrong approach. Have you seen any manufacturer not keep track of its bill of materials? Then why should an architecture firm not keep track of labor cost, the biggest direct cost in delivering service?

Having data on how you spend your time will help you be more efficient, scalable, predictable—and prevent situations where people must work overtime just to hit deadlines.

Automatic time tracking and timesheets for architects

Is your architecture firm using manual timesheets? You’re leaving money on the table!

Architects spend 3-5% of their time on filling up manual timesheets. It’s time you can save with HiveDesk time tracking software. You can also recover an additional 5-7% of billable time the architects may forget to put on their timesheets. Together, automatic time tracking can help you get up to 10% more revenue every month!

HiveDesk generates accurate timesheets for your client projects. Just create projects for each client and assign employees to projects. HiveDesk will collect time spent on each project for each employee.

You can log into your dashboard at any time to see how much time was spent on each project & task and how much time each employee has worked on the project. You can generate timesheet reports for each project and employee.

You save time in preparing timesheet & invoice and bill your accounting clients accurately with HiveDesk time tracking software.

Calculate project profitability for each client

You can calculate project profitability for each client by tracking cost in HiveDesk. Just enter individual pay rate or hourly cost for each architect and staff assigned to the project. When you generate the project timesheet, you also get accurate cost data for the project based on the hourly rates you entered. Compare cost and profits to identify your architecture firm’s most profitable projects and clients.

Over time, your firm will have a solid baseline data for estimating cost for future projects so you can bid with confidence and be profitable.

Manage client tasks and projects

In addition to time tracking and timesheets, HiveDesk can also track tasks and projects. Keep your client data in one place for you to review and take action.

Create as many clients and projects as you need. Then add architects and staff to these projects. Track how much time they spend on each project. Track cost incurred on each project by entering the hourly rate for each person working on the project.

Create tasks in your projects and assign them to employees. Add due dates to tasks so you can track their status.

HiveDesk also tracks time taken to complete each task so you can see tasks are time sinks. Stay on top of how long an architect takes to complete each task. Compare with other employees to create a baseline for productivity.

The project and employee sections show the status of each task and which tasks are behind schedule. You can also track tasks on the task calendar in the dashboard.

Spend time managing your business, not tracking time

Using HiveDesk time tracking for your architecture firm is super easy:

  • Sign up for your 14-day free trial
  • Create projects for each client and assign architects to projects
  • Ask your employees to download and install the client software
  • Tell them to start the client software when they start work

HiveDesk client will automatically track time and log it in the server for you to see. With time tracking on autopilot, you can focus on managing clients, growing business and increasing profit instead of worrying about how your team is reporting time.

Excellent solution to improve your firm's performance

HiveDesk gives you visibility into your firm’s work. You can see which activities take more time and cost more money. You will find out who in your team needs help and where. With HiveDesk time tracking, you can improve your firm’s productivity and financial performance.

Make your firm more efficient and profitable with HiveDesk for just $5/employee!

Invite arhitects to join

Pick who you want to join each and every project

Set default rate

Set your own default rate paid for each member

Team time tracking

Track the time your remote employees spend on projects

Project tracking

Create unlimited projects as needed and add tasks

Try HiveDesk free for 14 days. You don’t need a credit card for the free trial.

Download Employee Attendance Sheet Template in Excel

Download the free Excel Employee Attendance Sheet Template

Download Employee Work Schedule Template in Excel

Download the free Excel Employee Work Schedule Template

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