The Majority of Information Workers Are Already Working Remotely

A recent survey from Forrester shows that 66% of information workers in North America and Europe are already working remotely.

With the introduction of laptops, smart phones, and WIFI, we’re certainly “always on” so it makes sense that we’re already working remotely. (And, we’re probably working more than the 40 hours a week we originally signed up for.) This trend influences so much of how work is done today. Managers need to be taught how to manage remote workers effectively. And, Facilities can rethink  how much office space to lease and how to lay out the space. Equally important is how organizations need to think about the policies for their remote workers. Remote workers the right equipment to keep them productive because they’re no longer located in your office all day every day.

Take a look at this video from Jason Fried of 37 Signals about “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work” and listen to his suggestions about how to empower your workers to communicate and collaborate when they’re working remotely.

With the majority of workers are working remotely, doesn’t it make sense to make a virtual team as effective as possible? Lifting the limits of having everyone work together in the same office is a great way expand your organization’s knowledge base. That’s where HiveDesk comes in!

Inventing new and productive ways of working remotely is in everyone’s best interest, because the trend is here to stay.