Survey says remote workers a win-win for everyone

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By surveying more than 4,500 U.S. information workers, they learned half of the companies surveyed have formal remote workers or a telework policy.

Ron Markezich, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s U.S. Enterprise and Partner Group said that “telework is no longer a company perk for employees but a business imperative.” Markezich went on to say that “a host of benefits are now widely acknowledged to be good reasons to adopt telework initiatives and supporting technologies. Employers can tap into a larger talent pool, improve productivity, increase employee diversity and lower overhead costs.”  And remote workers can have “a more flexible work-life balance and reduce the stress of long commutes.”

Here’s an executive summary of the survey results of what remote workers said:

    • 57% said that their company has a formal policy regarding remote workers
    • Most workers say they work remotely only about half as many days as they would prefer
    • Workers say their peers are more supportive than managers of remote working arrangements
    • Better balance between work and home priorities and eliminating a long commute as the primary reasons to work remotely
    • 77% say their company provides access to technology support for working remotely
    • Top two pet peeves with remote workers are inability to speak face-to-face and lack of a quick response
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  • Social networking tools, both public and internal, are used for collaboration at work
  • 43% of information workers use public social networking tools to collaborate on work with colleagues
  • 47%, use internal social networking tools to collaborate with colleagues
  • 26% use internal social networking tools to collaborate with customers or vendors
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